Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cover thoughts for June 2012


So, there's that saying "don't judge a book by its cover," but you know, fuck that! I'm gonna do it anyways! Well, okay, maybe not actually judge the book, but starting with these June 2012 solicitations, I'm going to have a monthly post with all my thoughts about each cover, so watch out!

Hit the jump for my thoughts on this new batch of covers...

Batman Incorporated #2: I was thinking about Chris Burnham's art the other night, and just how non-conventional it is for the Batman universe. There's something about it that is just, well, different for the Bat universe, but that's what makes it awesome, and this is a perfect example of it. It's just so damn crazy, with a Quitely meets almost retro vibe. Easy to think "Medusa" but, the head is that of a Gorgon (which Medusa was) which brings use back to the star Algol, the "eye of the gorgon" in the Perseus constellation, which originated from the Arabic phrase "al-Ghul" which... needs no explaining. We also see Freight Train, Halo, and Looker, three outsiders which seem to not be dead, same as the Hood. It also seems we may learn more about who is under the Wingman suit. Great cover.

Batman #10: I like Greg Capullo's covers. They're not the flashiest, big bombastic covers, but there's something very striking about them. This is Batman, back on his feet, ready to fuck up some owls, evident in the cracked owl mask. I also love the out of focus effect on the wing shadows. 

Detective Comics #10: I guarantee you this isn't the cover for the issue, seeing as this was the cover to #9, which got changed to a Court of Owls tie in, and #10 has a different solicit than #9 originally had.

Batman - The Dark Knight #10: This cover is awesome. Creepy, gruesome, and all around bad ass. I can't wait till Gregg Hurwitz takes over, his Penguin mini series was great, and if this cover is an indication, his Batman run will be awesome as well. Also, he's a Red Sox fan! 5/5 for all his books!

Batman and Robin #10: Now, the content of this issue is awesome. I'm not too big a fan of the cover. I like Gleason as an artist, but on rare occasions, his stuff rubs me the wrong way. I can't figure out how Damian is holding the batarangs, I don't like Jason's pose, Tim looks like a giant at that angle, and so on. Still looking forward to this issue... a lot.

Batwoman #10: Minus the "Reeder," of course. JH Williams III wins automatically, but this is actually pretty tame for him. Not bad, by any means, but I've seen better. I do like how he continues to integrate the logo in different ways. I do wish there was a bit more color on it though.

Batwing #10: Marcus To is going to rock this book, anyone who has read Red Robin and Huntress will tell you that, but this cover just doesn't do much for me. Just a little basic, I'm not usually a fan of white backgrounds. I also feel as if the bat symbol isn't shaped correctly.

Batgirl #10: Adam Hughes is a hard act to follow, and I didn't like Adrian Syaf's first attempt as a cover (this week's #7, when you see it, think "egg head" you won't be able to unsee it) but this cover's pretty awesome. Babs just looks fierce as shit.

Birds of Prey #10: DAMN, STARLING. That corset is doing work. Moving on though, Travel Foreman is going to bring a different feel to this book, that's for sure, but I'm excited for it. This cover is an example as to why. If we're going to get crazy plant monsters, Foreman is the one to draw that sort of stuff.

Catwoman #10: I love Guillem March, so much. His action is awesome. Sure poses are exaggerated, but it's just so dynamic and hard hitting. I was thinking though, just based on name, MO, and dreads... Dollhouse looks a lot like Dollmaker from Detective Comics

Mass Effect Red Hood and the Outlaws #10: No seriously, Mass Effect. This cover screams Mass Effect. That's probably the most clothing Starfire has ever worn too... EVER

Nightwing #10: INK! Thank god, INK! Each Nightwing cover since #1 wasn't inked, just colored directly from pencils, and I really didn't like that style. The last two covers were good, but this one is awesome. Thank god for ink!

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  1. Give Gleason some credit. That's one of the most striking covers here. It's so action packed, it looks like a splash page. Tim's height is just fine given the depth of the image and Damien's small stature. Also, the Batarangs look like brass knuckles.

    And the Batwoman cover is just plan gorgeous. It looks like a cover to a hardcover collection or something. Its bringing together all the urban legend villains and the water theme that's been running (no pun intended) throughout the story. Perfect.

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