Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching up on Suicide Squad

I've said it before, I like Suicide Squad a lot more than I thought I would. It has it's flaws, but then again, what book doesn't? Generally speaking, I've found it to be entertaining.

The tie to Gotham in this book is none other than Harley Quinn (you could argue Deadshot I guess) who, despite a controversial costume change, has really been a highlight of the book. She's brought the humor, with a side of flat out crazy, and for the last few months has been in the center of the conflict at hand, as she's been the first Squad member to ever go AWOL.

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Suicide Squad #1
So, taking place after the events of Detective Comics #1, Harley Quinn, distraught of course about the Joker "leaving her" goes on a quest to get back at everyone who did him wrong, and is caught by Black Canary, after she had killed a lawyer who had worked against Mistah J. Thus, Harley went to prison, and eventually got brought into the Suicide Squad by Amanda Waller.

If you're not familiar with what the Suicide Squad is, it is a secret group of (primarily) villains lead by Amanda Waller, in order to accomplish tasks where you can't exactly get permission to do legally. How does Waller keep all the Squad members in line? By implanting small bombs into the back of their necks, which she can detonate at any time. Yeah, ask new Green Arrow villain Lime how that went. But I digress.

Suicide Squad #4
So, flash forward a few missions, and Waller brings old team mainstay Captain Boomerang to be the leader, rather than Deadshot. On a mission to infiltrate Basilisk (think Kobra, but I'm pretty sure they're trying to distance it from the G.I. Joe franchise) Boomerang let's it slip to Harley that her "boyfriend" is dead, the rumor about the Joker that has spread like wildfire through out the DCU. Harley, being a WEE bit unstable, doesn't take the news too well. But you wouldn't really notice it on the surface. But, after that mission, when the Squad reports back to base, someone mistakenly deactivates Harley's neck bomb, and wouldn't you know it, later a massive break out at Belle Reve, which the Squad is tasked with stopping. But where is Harley Quinn you ask? NO WHERE TO BE SEEN! As, being more cunning than she lets on, Harley was the one to start the break out, and escape during the chaos. Where's she going? Home to Gotham. Amanda Waller is pissed, and so, the "Hunt for Harley Quinn" begins.

The Squad shows up in Gotham, and after fighting off a army of Joker thugs, still loyal to Harley in their boss' absence, they realize where Harley is going, to get the one thing that is left of the Joker, his face. Now, if that doesn't make any sense, you probably didn't read Detective Comics #1, where the Joker's face was skinned off prior to his disappearance. Long story short, Deadshot is the only one to make it to Harley, who gets the best of him, tying him up. At this point, it's entirely clear that Harley has lost it, as she puts the Joker's face onto Deadshot's and starts speaking to him as he's the Joker. Deadshot plays along, and as Harley startles him to kiss the "Joker," he manages to get a hand free, and shoots her in the gut.

And that's where we're at with Suicide Squad thus far.

Suicide Squad #7
But wait! There's more! Harley's origin has been tweaked, just a bit. Harley was still Joker's doctor, but rather than falling for all his bullshit, she's a little more resistant, and calls him out on his crap. This intrigues that Joker, and he ends up doing a "favor" for her, as he shows her the pinky for a man who wronged her father, years ago, while getting into her head at the same time. She admits to her boss that she's developed some feelings for the Joker, and during the same confrontation, she realizes that her boss had been stealing research from her, in order to write a book. This makes Harley snap, eventually leading her to help the Joker escape. For their first date, Joker brings Harley to a very special place, the place he was born... aka the chemical vat that he fell into that turned him into the Joker... and whoops, butter fingers, Joker pushes Harley in. Harley emerges, skin bleached, hair discolored, and crazy in love with the Joker, thus how this iteration of Harley was born.

So, check back in tomorrow when I'll cover Justice League.

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