Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up on Justice League

I'll be honest, I feel like this is the book I have to do the least "catching up" for, seeing as it's the number one selling book in comics right now, and thus, I won't spend a whole lot of time on this post...

Hit the jump if you're interested anyways?

Justice League #1
So, basically... origin story of the Justice League starts off with Batman chasing down a parademon, a foot soldier of Darkseid, through Gotham. He comes into contact with Green Lantern, they meet Superman, then the Flash, then a full scale invasion of Earth is started by Darkseid in search of his mysterious daughter, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg join, and then the big fight happens. Darkseid ends up kidnapping Superman, so it's up to Batman to hijack a parademon, and end up on Apokolips to help rescue the big boy scout. This is where things start getting interesting, as Superman saw some visions during his torture, mainly of the multiverse, and how Darkseid threatens all existence. Batman snaps Superman out of it, and coaches Cyborg into believing in himself to get Darkseid back off of earth. So begin the Justice League. But people lurk in the shadows, non too pleased with a new group of "super heroes."

Tomorrow's issue will be the first to be set in the present. It will apparently expand upon how the League operates now, how each member's relationships are portrayed, and what changes have been made to the team's status quo.

It's also worth noting, that as of issue #6, Pandora, the Flashpoint lady is back in play, and has made it clear she will be making herself known to the Justice League soon. I'm already calling it, a "Crisis" is coming next summer.

Come back Thursday for the catch up on Teen Titans.

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  1. Being a Bat-blog, I think its worth noting that Batman revealed himself as Bruce Wayne to Green Lantern (who coincidentally had no familiarity with him). I found that to completely out-of-character for Bats and tramples all over the Bat-continuity which was said to be intact despite the reboot. I want my distrustful Batman with a case-file on the entire League back. Damn you, Geoff Johns!

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