Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #6

Set one month prior to the first issue, Jason is in the bowels of a submarine, breaking up some nuclear weapons deal. Beaten and bruised, Jason kills off the last thug, and escapes the sub, just prior to it exploding underneath the water. Some time later, a barely conscious Jason finds himself on a tropical island, hooked up to an alien machine, but soon passes out again.

Days later, we see Starfire taking care of a still passed out Jason. She finds something familiar about Jason (that he reminds her of Dick) but she soon finds a gun in her face, as Jason, ever cautious, was playing dead. Asking for his pants first (hey, priorities right?) and where the hell he is second, Jason over excites himself, to the point of dizziness, as Kori puts him back down to bed to rest.

Sleeping, Jason dreams to a time past where he, as Robin, was out on patrol with Nightwing. Ever headstrong, Jason takes Dick's life advice and throws it back into his face, calling him an ass, saying that life's a competition, meaning Dick is just that to him.

Says later, Jason finally fully wakes up, and goes searching around the island. He finds Kori in what looks to be her crashed spaceship. She introduces herself and shows Jason around. Jason is quite amazed at everything, and can't shut up about it. It's then when Kori reveals that she's put herself into seclusion and had forgotten how obnoxious humans can be. Jason apologizes by shutting up, and thanking her for saving his life.

Kori points out that Jason is still... well, aside from his Adam like leaf, pretty damn naked, and offers him up some clothes. She opens a room to reveal the male clothing she has... some of Dick's old costumes. Jason flashes back to a (slightly altered) scene from what would be Under the Hood, where he's got a gun to Bruce, crying, talking about the Joker. In this version, Nightwing intervenes, kicking him off Bruce.

Jason asks if it's a sick joke she's playing on him, but Kori doesn't understand. She goes on to tell him that the clothes she has once belonged to a human she knew, and they remind her of a happier time, but regardless, she doesn't define herself by the men she has known, just as how he shouldn't define himself by the clothes he wears, as she offers him up his current bat logo'd suit.

That night, Jason is admiring some of the alien weaponry, when he decides he needs to talk to Kori. He finds her on the beach, telling her this. She kisses him, leading to Jason pushing her off him, asking "what the hell?" She explains that it's a way for her people to assimilate language, and only assumed, so on and so on.

Jason tells her everything. About Batman, Dick, him, and what he's done. At the end of it, he asks if she's mad. She tells him that such a feeling would be foolish, explaining how her people, while honoring the past, live in the here and now. Basically, the past is the past, move on and live life, sort of deal. She tells him that letting his heart be filled with rage will only lead to it consuming him in the end, and gives Jason a hug.

The next day, Jason takes it all in, almost mad at himself for allowing anyone to get close, and "know" him. But no time to think about that now, as he points out to Kori an article online about an American who is about to be executed in the mid east... Mr. Roy Harper.


This was a nice little interlude issue. While at times I thought it almost was just an answer to all the critics of the first issue, it still served a great purpose of expanding Jason and Kori's character within this series, while also clearing up a few continuity questions (IE, Kori, Dick and Roy worked together in the past.) I've said it before, I've loved the fact that this book has really moved Jason forward, it's something that needed to happen if he was ever going to star in a book on a consistent basis, and this issue is what helps the series as a whole doing so.


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  1. Loved this issue so much. Both characters shine and it explains so much even things it doesn't state outright. Like Jason trying to distance himself from Kori when she was in danger not just because he believes in her abilities but because he's unnerved by someone knowing him.