Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Nightwing #6

Making his way through the country's hired killers, Dick finds himself in battle with a  guy name Shox, after he goes looking for his handler, Terrance. Eventually getting to Terrance, he asks if he knows anything about Saiko. Terrance admits that he used Saiko for a job once, but he's been off the grid for "personal" work. Dick gets the number Terrance used, knowing it won't come up with anything, and remains worried about what Saiko is planning, since he hasn't heard from him in a while.
Back in a MYSTERIOUS hotel room or something, Saiko, aka Raymond, Dick's old friend, meets with Raya, as he reveals that their attack will happen at a Flying Graysons tribute show in Gotham, which Bryan Haly has scheduled. Raya seems a bit hesitant, but Raymond reminds her that the only reason why Dick came back is because they lured him back, saying "nothing has changed, it's just me and you Raya."

Later, Dick and Raya walk through a park, as Raya surprises Dick with the news that they're going back to Gotham with a memorial show planned. Dick is immediately suspicious of it, figuring that Saiko has been waiting for a big enough stage.

That night, Dick meets with the rest of the circus crew, trying to derail the plans, but Bryan, C.C. Haly's son, angrily tells him that they've put too much into it already, and it's happening with or with out him. Meanwhile in Gotham, two police officers come across some killed thugs with an escrima stick left behind that has Nightwing's symbol on it.

Back in Gotham, Dick stakes out the venue the circus will be held at, planting motion detectors in the rafters taking every precaution just in case Saiko plans to attack him that night.

On the ground, he's met by Alfred, who shows up to speak with Dick. Alfred lays down some Alfred like advice, telling Dick that it's okay to enjoy the night, it's about his family, something he should always hold dear to him.

That night during the show, Dick is keeping an eye on the motion detectors, until Jimmy the Clown pushes him out on stage to give a speech. Dick musters up a speech about how proud he is to be a part of the circus, seeing them honor his parents like this, and how he considers the circus to be his family. When he leaves the stage, Raya asks him if he meant everything he said. Dick casually says "why wouldn't I?" but notices the motion detectors have been set off.

He rushes off to confront Saiko, who is waiting for him in the rafters above. Saiko begins the fight by saying:
"Seems only fitting that it end in the same place it started... It's been building to this after all-- the night where everything changed"
Dick challenges Saiko to continue the fight outside, but Saiko takes the time to reveal himself as Raymond. The shock leaves Dick open to an attack, as Raymond knocks him off the scoreboard. While Dick using his grapple hook to zip back up, Raymond says:
"Died? Exactly Dick... I was your friend, family even--and you killed me! They came from the shadows, and took me Dick... They kidnapped me... Tortured me... They ruined me. They turned me into this.
As Raymond finishes, he presses a trigger, igniting explosions through out the circus.


Things are getting very, very, very interesting. This is the issue where things have really started to come together, and I literally can't wait until the next issue for all to be revealed.

Why this issue got me so excited is in the dialogue I pointed out from Saiko. With the book of names Dick found, having William Cobb, a confirmed Talon in it, it seems Dick was possibly supposed to be a Talon at some point. But as Saiko says "the night where everything changed" which is obviously the night Dick's parents died... the same night Bruce took Dick away from the circus. "They came from the shadows, and took me" I wonder who "THEY" are... and by "I wonder" I'm implying a heavy amount of sarcasm.

So make your own speculations. What I laid out above is why this issue got me so damn excited for what's to come.


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  1. Great Review. I totally agree that it looks like Dick was supposed to be a Talon, and I imagine Bruce taking youths with dead or troubled parents have been pissing the Court off for a while. the question is if Saiko is working with the Court or escaped somehow? And was the Circus a breading ground for the Court?