Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SPOILERS: Huntress #5

With the Chairmen held up in an old Italian villa once used as a fortress, Miss Helena Bertinelli Wayne creates a distraction, allowing herself to sneak up the cliff that the villa is built into.

Meanwhile, the Chairman sends out his guards to protect him, while he... well, it's implied he's going to... lets say "abuse" one of the woman he has taken. Elsewhere, Helena's reporter buddies toast to their friendship with her, as they hear the explosions signaling she's starting her thing.

Helena storms the compound, gas mask in hand, throwing gas grenades left and right. She comes across the Lion dude who gave her a whooping a few issues ago, but this time beats him easily, by electrocuting him.

She later corners the Chairman, who tells her that the Italians will protect him and he'll never be convicted of anything. Helena gives a speech about not caring about the law, caring more about justice, as she fires an arrow into the Chairman killing him.


Yep. More or less the same. That's why this write up is so short, I just didn't feel like detailing out "oh it's another one of those issues where Helena just storms in beating up dudes. They also mention early on that I guess the women Helena saved killed Moretti last issue... sure, why not. Just make a detail like that known through a single line. Kind of weird.

If anything, this issue had a bit more of an impact due to the ending, but the issues so far have been so formulaic and dull that the impact is pretty weak. I'm surprisingly indifferent to what Helena did... it's just... eh.

The good side of the coin is that Marcus To's art still remains the highlight of the book.

All in all, the issue is once again, just more of the same... Helena goes in, fights some dudes, then it ends. There's nothing really wrong with it, it's just boring.



  1. I honestly felt this was the best issue I've read since Huntress #1 and didn't think it followed the same formula of the last four issues. I actually felt this one was more straight to the point, better action-packed, and more fast-paced.

    Also, not to be rude, but I feel this review reads more of you just expressing your general displeasure for the mini itself rather than the actual issue.

    1. Well, when I find all the issues similar in nature, yeah, I guess it could sound like I'm reviewing the series. But to me, it was just another issue of Helena infiltrating X so she can get to Y in the meantime she beats up a bunch of thugs. She's done the same thing in issues 2, 3 and 4. It's gotten old, stale and boring.

    2. I agree that the last three issues stagnated, but I don't feel that's an accurate description for this issue since she didn't actually waste any time and got straight to the point this time. I also felt characterisation was pretty solid in this issue as Helena demonstrated a side of her that's only been implied but hasn't been explicitly shown until now.

      I also felt the ending for this issue was far more climatic than the last issue which was pretty meh. My only disappointment is that the last three didn't pick up pace sooner to build it to this point.

    3. See, the problem I had with the ending is that while it IS more climactic, I've yet to really give a shit about the guy. Like, okay... he's bad, I get that. But like I said in the original post, I just found the climax to fall a bit flat. If think this issue should have come earlier, like issue 3 or something, where the rest of the mini should have dealt with Helena being on the run for killing a diplomat.

  2. After the reveal that she is Helena Wayne I couldn't bring myself to end this mini.