Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Catwoman #6

Things are looking bad for one Miss. Selina Kyle... good thing no one knows who she is. As she's locked up in a police interrogation room, the cops can't find anything on her. No name, no prints, no nothing. So, faced with a politely wise cracking Jane Doe, they decide to bring in some extra muscle for the interrogation... the meta-human Reach, who has a bone to pick with Selina.

Elsewhere in the building, Detective Alvarez is asking one of the desk jockeys where Catwoman is. He's given the line "she escaped." But being the smart cop he is, knowing he's working with sleazy ones, he realizes she must be in the building somewhere.

Reach is having a little too much fun beating the crap out of Selina in order to find out where the rest of the money is. After slamming her agains the desk, knocking her to the ground, Selina begins to mumble. Thinking Selina has decided to talk, Reach leans in to put her ear in close... which turns out to be a bad move seeing that Selina proceeds to bite it off, and begins to fight back. But still cuffed, it doesn't take long for Reach to use her powers to gain the momentary advantage. I say momentary, because Detective Alvarez to the rescue, with a night stick to the back of Reach's head. Realizing just how stupid of a move he had just made, he tells Selina to get out of there, and to try and stay out of trouble.

She does just that, grabbing the rest of the cash, and attempting to leave Gotham... but she's met with someone first, good ol' Batman, who is telling her to drop the cash. Selina doesn't take too warmly to the fact that Batman seems to care about her stealing money now, so when Bruce tells her that he's not asking, she shows him that he's gonna have to take the money from her, as she launches an attack.

The two have it out for a good four pages, until Bruce manages to pin her against the wall, yelling "enough!" and giving him a patented Batman lecture, ending with the question "Do you wan't to die!?" A Selina then shocks him by tearfully yelling out "Maybe I do!"

Leaving the cash in front of a speechless Batman, Selina makes her escape, knowing he's not going to follow him, not for a while... Thinking over the last few days, Selina believes herself to be foolish to have thought she could continue this life on her own, so she finally seeks out her friend Gwen, who we met a few issues ago, asking for help.


So, I said this on Twitter, I thought this was the best issue of the series in a while, and hell, probably out of all of them too. The first half of it was genuinely a awesomely brutal good time, and the second half managed to come off rather emotional. It doesn't outright say it, but it's clear Selina is still in a form of grief/depression over the death of Lola, and the last Batman scene really hit that home. This was generally one of the deeper issues of the series so far, and I really enjoyed it.


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  1. So Catwoman goes Mike Tyson on Reach and has a death wish? Uhh, okay...only in the New 52!

    With this issue revealing Catwoman has never been captured before, last issue revealing Selina never had a baby, and previous issues revealing she doesn't know Batman's secret identity, it's clear that Selina has had the biggest reboot of all the Bat-characters. None of her previous history is intact. For better or worse, she's a brand-new character. Rather than wringing my hands over what's in continuity or not, I'm looking at this Catwoman as a brand-new character with a different take on what we've seen before. That's the only way I can accept the change.

    I have been enjoying this series, but it's a little too decompressed. Too much action---really, 5+ pages of Catwoman getting her ass kicked by Reach? Sure, it's beautifully drawn but it comes at the expense of plot progression. Judd, you only have 20 pages a month---use them wisely!

    Oh well. This is still the best book DC is publishing.