Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #6

Brendan Bowman is your average corporate dude. Everything is going great for him. The ladies are even checking him out! But before he goes to talk to that hot blonde at the counter, he finds out that some chick with tattoos has stolen his phone. He chases her into an alley, and there's tattoo lady waiting for him, and blonde lady shows up too! Confused, and scared, Brendan makes a break for it as the two ladies try to take him somewhere.

Later back at his job, Brendan is at his computer when a strange message comes up. "A diller, a dollar, a ten o'clock scholar" and the next thing Brendan knows, he's half naked, with a crazed samurai looking lady with a syringe. To make things even BETTER, known eco terrorist Poison Ivy shows up, holding Brendan by her vines. To Brendan's relief, Batgirl shows up, but not to help him, instead, she injects him with the syringe.

Brendan once again wakes up, covered in a blanket, to the blonde standing over him. If you can't guess by now, the blonde is Black Canary. Dinah explains everything to him, how his mind has been taken over by Choke, and how they've actually met before. See, Brendan was "I'm the one who just killed you" from issue #1, that's right, Mr. Smoochy. Along with Brendan, Black Canary, Starling and Doctor Cahill have been rounding up known sleeper agents for Choke, and "defusing" them. They explain that Choke has selected young, fit employees with good jobs that would allow them to take time off unnoticed.

With all explained, Ev suggests that they use Brendan to lure Choke out, by seeing if he attempts to contact him again. Dinah knows Ev's mad about Choke screwing with her memory last issue, leading her straight into an attack, but Ev makes her case that he's the best lead they've got. So, Dinah goes with Ev's plan, and sends Brendan back to his office.

With Brendan back to his office, Ev and Babs cut some of the power to his floor, I assume to make sure no one can get in by elevator or something. It doesn't take long for things to start going weird. Some of Brendan's coworkers begin to mutter some rhymes, and pull a gun on him. They're quickly stopped by Dinah, Ivy and Katanna who hid themselves on the floor. But Choke manages to take control of all they office workers, while asking Dinah how much she trusts her teammates. As the three of them begin to fight off their attacks, Dinah tells Choke that she trusts them completely, triumphantly stating they just caught him.


Another good issue from Birds of Prey. We finally got some explanation as to how Choke and the cleaners work, and it seems like the fight next issue is going to be interesting based on what Choke said. One thing I didn't like about the issue is how it opened. It really didn't address the ending to the last issue until about half way through, which was just weird until I got to that point. Those first pages I'm sitting here wondering "wait, so are we going to address the ending to the last one?" Not a big deal, because I mean, they did, just didn't care for that storytelling device.


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