Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwoman #6

Note: the writing team is taking an interesting route for telling this arc, so my spoiler write up will reflect that.

Batwoman, Now: Seemingly deep under the ocean (most likely Gotham bay) Kate, as Batwoman is having a round of fisticuffs with the same hook fiend who nearly gutted her cousin Bette, while a Ra's al Ghul looking guy (note, just is is appearance) watches on.

Jacob Kane, One month ago: Visiting his niece Bette in the hospital, Jacob sits down to reads to her, as we find out just the extent of her injuries. Bette's nearly died twice, and has yet to wake up. But knowing what family she comes from, Jacob knows she's a fighter, just like Kate is.

Maggie Sawyer, One week ago: Still searching for the missing children, Maggie is dealing with their mother, who believes that the police aren't trying hard enough. Maggie tries to reason with her, but the distraught mother tells her that there's no way Maggie can know her pain, since she's never lost a child like this.

Maro, Four months ago: We see what happened to the Weeping Woman's children when she was drunk. They were drowned by a man named Maro, while being watched by someone named Falchion. We learn that Maro's powers involve him being able to create the monster of a myth, if the he get's people to believe in them. So when Maria goes to kill herself, he will keep her soul from passing, thus creating the Weeping Woman, so they can collect more children.

Kate Kane, Three weeks ago: In the morning, Maggie wakes up to find her badge and Kate in the kitchen. She notices a bruise on Kate's shoulder, which Kate says came from her practicing boxing again. She says her father taught her how to, and Maggie is surprised by this, as it's the first time Kate's ever mentioned her father. Kate says that she's not going to go into the past, as it seems they've agreed not to. Maggie agrees "for now" and kisses Kate goodbye.

Cameron Chase, Two weeks ago: Chase and Batwoman break up a drug ring, run by Medusa, but through local thugs. Kate tests out some new DEO tech, as she gets splattered by gun fire, only to have the bullets bounce off her nano tube armor. Chase informs her that it's the perks of working with the DEO, as the technology was literally invented the day before.

Batwoman, Now: Seemingly out for the count against the Hook, Kate surprises the beast, telling him that she's going to make him cry for his mother.


I can tell you this, the way this story is told will probably turn off a few people. It's a risky move, but so far, I like it. I fear that it'll be a little taxing on the story as a whole as it goes on, but I'll wait to judge that.

The real story is how awesome Amy Reeder's art is. While she is clearly taking some cues from JH Williams' style in stuff like layouts, she brings a whole new dynamic feel, with warped perspectives, and other neat little tricks. It's hard to match up to JH Williams, but Reeder doesn't really need to. She managed to carve out her own style within the book, and it works.


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