Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SPOILERS: Batwing #6

Years ago, a young David is a rookie on the Tinasha police force, where he witnesses his superior taking bribes, and not protecting the people like a good cop should. Later, he expresses his frustration with Matu, as despite his trying to create a new life for himself in doing good, he's unable to properly do so due to all the corruption.

Snap back to the present, where Massacre has found himself another member of the Kingdom in Egypt, this time a man who dawned what looks to be a mech suit, and called himself Steelback. But before Massacre can slaughter yet another member of the Kingdom, Batwing arrives with the aid of an exo flight suit.

Massacre herds Steelback and the other people that were with him into a nearby bus, as he and Batwing begin to fight, in the scene that opened the first issue of the series. David takes notice of some of the terminology Massacre uses, as they're familiar military terms, something which Massacre confirms.

Flash back to one year ago, where the Tinasha criminal Blood Tiger's men are attempting to seal a arms deal. Before the transaction can be completed, the men smell fire, as a disguised David, with meager equipment attacks them, revealing that he's set the arms on fire, and that this was the fourth deal he broke up that night. David warns the thugs that he'll always be there to stop them, as he hears a voice telling him he's gaining somewhat of a reputation. It's Batman, lurking in the shadows, offering a way to help David's upstart crime fighting career.

Back in Egypt, like we saw in issue #1, Massacre pins David's wings to the wall, as he turns his attention to the bus containing Steelback. As he walks away he says "We honor them all in blood" a saying that David instantly remembers from his childhood.

General Keita.

The man who taught David to kill as a boy soldier. He starts to see the similarities in how Keita walked, compared to how Massacre does. He struggles to come to terms with the revelation, hardly believing it could be true. He breaks free of his wings, and has to think quick to save Steelback and the others. He uses some of the gadgets in his suit to set Massacre's armor on fire.

The flames only slightly hinder Massacre, as he locks Steelback in the bus, and attempts to find the gas tank. David is stunned that the flames seem to do nothing, but has to pry open the door before the entire bus goes up in flames. As he's doing so, Massacre makes his escape.

David manages to save Steelback, and the others. He brings Steelback to the Haven where he, Batman and Matu discuss the situation. David mentions something about what Thunder Fall had told him about something the Kingdom did, the reason why Massacre is after them. Batman tells the men that they'll discuss it on the way, as they need to find the other members of the kingdom before Massacre does.

Steelback says he has no idea where the woman known as Deity is, as last he heard she went to live in the wild. The other two, Razorwire and Staff are together, but not in Africa... they're in Gotham City, where none other than Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne are waiting!


Okay, the issue gets points of Dick and Damian at the end, regardless haha. It just does. And yeah, it's really convenient for the other two Kingdom members to be in Gotham... but whatever, I've addressed that before.

Anyways, the issue was pretty good. The series continues to be good. I loved the way it intertwines David's past and present. It's been continuously laying out the origin story of David through out these last few issues, which is fun to see. Also, thank god Massacre isn't David's brother, that was just too cliche. Keita on the other hand was prime suspect #2. Anyways, good issue, and I'm looking forward to the next two set in Gotham, drawn by Dustin Nguyen!


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