Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #6

With Bruce waking up from the beating he just took from Superman, talking about the whole fear theme, he comes back to his senses, shaking off the effects of the drug Scarecrow injected him with last issue, thanks to Superman stressing him out, putting him over the edge. Bruce tells Superman that he needs to find the Flash, and do the same to him, so he can get the drug out, as his running is just stalling the effects. As Superman leaves, Bruce once again sees the White Rabbit and gives chase.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Gordon and some other policemen are putting away Great White, as they clean up the mess. All the while, Lt. Dickhead Forbes is on the phone with Gordon telling him that he's going to be put on suspension and should probably lawyer up... given the change in the writer eventually, I don't really feel the need to care about this...

The White Rabbit leads Bruce on into the forest, much like the same character did to Alice. He eventually catches up to her, as she meets with Scarecrow, who gives an evil villain monologue, but is easily dispatched by Bruce this time.

Superman finally finds the Flash, and tells him what Batman suggested to do, saying the drug in his system is like a snakebite and they need to find a way to get the venom out. At the word "venom" Barry realizes something, telling Superman they need to rush back to Batman.

Bruce is trying to interrogate the White Rabbit, telling them no matter how much he fears what her recent associates are capable of, he's not going to stop and go soft on them at any point...

"No, we wouldn't expect that"

Cut to: Bane punching the crap out of Batman.

In a very brutal fight, Bane reveals that all the villains had been test subjects for his new formula. No matter what Bruce throws at Bane, nothing phases him enough to be effective. With Bruce on the ropes, Bane reveals the final bit of info. While people of... let's say, lesser stature, have the side effect of the drug turning their brain into "jelly," for Bane... it has quite the opposite effect, it makes him smarter... which is saying something, as he was pretty smart to begin with.


This was an okay issue. Entertaining, great art, cool fight. Little too much exposition, but whatever. Bane was treated well, and while it's not the Secret Six type Bane, it's definitely not brooding hulk dumbass Bane, which allows me to sigh in relief. The other stuff though, the sub plot with Gordon, like I mentioned... I really don't give a crap about it. I have a feeling that once Hurwitz takes over, this lingering plot of Dickhead Forbes trying to shut Gordon down for whatever reason that started in the first volume, is finally going to be put to rest... What I do hope gets continued on (but really, doubt it will) is the White Rabbit... I want to know more about her, for some reason. I like the way how they've mimicked her to be like her namesake's likeness... we'll see.


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