Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #6

With the dirty ambassador cornered, Nobody attempts to test Damian's faith in him, by offering the young rouge Robin a gun to kill the man. Damian takes the gun, and with some agitation from Nobody, pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. Damian throws the gun back to Nobody, demanding he stop playing games with him, but Nobody simply tells him that he was just testing his resolve, and they need the ambassador for interrogation about his human trafficking ring.

Elsewhere, Bruce and Alfred had received a hit on a body type noticed by cameras that matches Damian. Nearing his son, Bruce finishes the recording for him, that tells him just what happened with him, Nobody, and Henri Ducard.

Henri had agreed to train Bruce with Morgan, thanks to some financial backing from Bruce. Through out their training, they were sent after a terrorist named Hassan. As Bruce understood it, they were to capture him and hand him over to Interpol. When they finally find Hassan, instead of capturing him, Henri shoots him point blank in the head. Bruce gets angry, verbally lashing out at both Henri and his son, as he learns that Henri was just using him and his money, just as Bruce was using him for training. As Bruce leaves, Henri tells his son that the loose end needs to be cut.

As Bruce leaves his London hotel, he recounts that two words saved his life that day, "partly cloudy." Just as he walked outside, a bit of sun peaked through the clouds, and alerted him to the scope on Morgan's rifle from across the street. It gave him an extra second to react, and the bullet fired only wounded him, but Morgan thought Bruce to be killed. As Morgan gets in his car, a cinder block comes flying into the windshield, hitting him in the head. Bruce mercilessly beats the crap out of Morgan, coming inches away from killing him, but instead, drops Morgan through his father's sun roof.

That's what Bruce didn't want Damian to know, just how close he came to breaking his own rules, in a moment of rage and weakness. He later meets up with Gordon, who tells him his men are tracking the ambassador to. Bruce asks for two hours to do it alone, claiming it's personal, but Gordon gives him one.

In Nobody's hideout, aboard a yacht, he's extracted all the info he needs from the ambassador. Like the russian Batman Inc. member, Nobody then starts to slowly lower him into acid. Damian activates a button on his R logo, and tries to stop Nobody from doing so. Nobody manages to subdue Damian, knowing that he just activated a GPS device, and demanding to know why the sudden change of heart, as he already demonstrated his willingness to join his cause by attempting to fire the gun. Damian points out two things. First, he knew by weight that the gun was never loaded, and second, though the problems with him and his father are real, he used them to manipulate Nobody into taking him in. When asked why he'd throw away everything Nobody has offered him, Damian simply says "-tt- Because he's my father, you idiot"

With Bruce rushing to the scene, following Damian's tracker, Nobody figures that it also works as a communicator. He begins to talk to Bruce, telling him that the next sounds he hears will be Damian being broken.


Another great issue from Tomasi and Gleason. It's a bit of a slow burn, but one, it's great characterization, and two, these next two issues will probably be roller coasters of action. I've said it before, but this book has really exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to see where it goes past this arc.


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  1. "because he's my father, you idiot"

    haven't we all said that in a moment of our lives? dispite all the arguments we may have with our fathers, we still love them.