Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SPOILERS: Batman #6

Bruised, beaten, and impaled, Bruce is informed by the Talon that the Court of Owls has decided to keep his bones on display in the maze, as he was a valiant enemy to them, and such an "honor" has only been given to three before him. Talon offers Batman's body up to the Court, who appear above the walls, asking them how he should kill the bat. Many of them call out vicious demands, but a man and a woman say it should be up to the youngest member, as they ask a little girl what the Talon should do to him.

"Hurt him more" she says.

The Talon abides, throwing Bruce's body into the wall, continuing to mercilessly beat him, hitting him so hard, that he goes through a wall. Believing him to finally be dead, the Talon tells the Court that the body is his, as many of the members swarm Batman.

On the verge of giving up, and wishing to die as the Court swarms him, Bruce sees a picture, presumably the final one the Court took in documentation of the same trials they put Alan Wayne through. Bruce sees the agony in Alan's eyes, as if he's calling out for help, and with all his strength, he gets up, causing the Court members to scatter like cowards, as he challenges the Talon to end it.

Still tripping, Bruce begins his fight with Talon, proclaiming "I am sick to death of owls!" slamming Talon into the room that has a model of Gotham. Bruce taunts the Talon, saying that he's nothing more than a common criminal to him, that he's nothing special. The only thing Bruce tells Talon that he is, is finished, as he knocks him out.

Knowing the Court is watching him, but still weak, Bruce tells them that they can't hide from him, as he knows the city to it's foundation. He also points out that he knows from the minerals in the water that their base is close to the river. Also, the base of the fountain in the maze is made of white marble, making it weaker to explosions, which potassium chlorate does when ignited... Where did this potassium chlorate come from? The camera filaments. As Bruce makes a hole in the maze to the river, he threatens the Court that he's coming back for each and every one of them, as he plummets into the underground river blow, taken by the current. But further down the river, something's wrong, it seems the river is covered by glass or ice, which Bruce can't break through. He thinks "they'll never let me go" as he sinks into the water.

Back in the maze, an elderly member of the Court is wheeled into to where the Talon's knocked out body remains, saying they should dispose of him. The others protest saying that they've invested too much into him, and given time, he'll heal. But the elderly owl lady tells the other members to to fret over one Talon... as they've got many, and it's time to wake them up... all of them.


So. This was a similar "in the maze" issue to the last, but with out the psychological punch, so I didn't come away liking it as much as the last, but still... it was a pretty cool issue. Batman, being Batman, kicking ass, thinking ahead, threatening people, it was cool. The fight was BRUTAL, and Capullo nailed it, something that had to be hard, because Bruce was still tripping balls through half of it. But after two issues in the maze, I'm ready for the story to progress more, which I have no doubt it will next issue.

Also... I kind of wish they didn't do that whole "did Bruce just drown sort of thing?" at the end, it seems kind of pointless. Just let his broken ass body float away and get discovered by Alfred or someone. That was sort of a weak cliff hanger, but no big deal, really.



  1. Favorite quote from the issue,"You see this? The city at your feet? It's not the Real Gotham! It's an arts and craft project!" Priceless!!!

    1. Yeah, everything after the "I'm sick of owls" line was pure pissed off Batman gold.

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  3. I love how each half of the issue mirrors itself from the apex of the behemoth Batman splash page. Batman on the brink of death, battle ensues, Talon kicks him through a wall. The Dark Knight rises *heh*, battle ensues, Batman throws Talon through a wall, Talon on the brink of death. Quite a literal turning point and centerpiece for the entire storyline. I felt it was a solid 5 as it shouldn't be judged as another "maze" issue. Although, I do agree that another "Oh noez, did Batman die?!" ending isn't doing the overall story any justice.

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    1. Good spot, especially since the arc is supposed to be 11 issues long, and five and a half issues is the exact mid point.

  4. It is currently my favorite issue of all! The Batman was never so well-written and explained... detective, combatant, survivor, protector - the bane of crime. Plus, the Court of Owls... are there really a little girl, or it was just his imagination? Well, there is an old lady, at least:)

  5. The only thing I found strange, by the way, is how Talon become so weak and... emotionally fragile. He was meta-human when we first saw him, and now all it takes to beat him is a punch to the face and a kick to the groin.