Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snyder planning a Batman "trilogy"

After the release of Batman #6, writer Scott Snyder took to twitter to thank the fans for all the kind words, he also confirmed a bit of big news... the Court of Owls is just the beginning for his Batman plans, he's got a whole trilogy of stories planned. He said:
"Up too late, having a nightcap after a long day of writing, talking Batman w/pal and up and comer [[James Tynion IV]]. And just want to say thanks to you all for my job. I will stay in Gotham as long as you will rent me a room. And for what it's worth, I will talk out of turn & say that the stories coming up, both in Court of owls story, but the one that starts at ISSUE #13, and then the one that will start at #20, will be us swinging for the fences. No playing it safe. No small stories. Every story will be -we hope - a game changer. Really, the Court is the first in a trilogy of Bruce stories I've been thinking about for a long time, always tinkering with."
Then later, this morning:
"Actually headed into the [[DC Comics]] office today to talk about the 3rd story in the trilogy of Batman/ Bruce stories I mentioned last night"
Long story short, dude thinks WAY in advanced, and isn't going to let up anytime soon. So the basic run down is, issues #1-11 are the Court of Owls story, #12 is a one shot issue (as confirmed by a question I asked him last night) #13-19 is the second big story, and #20-well into the third year, one would assume, is the third big story. Of course, all those are subject to change, and to be honest, he'll probably continue past the third arc, but nevertheless... it's just begun.

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter )


  1. I saw this on Twitter and couldn't contain my excitement. Even seeing it here gets me pumped.

    I hope DC keeps this team together. He, Greg, FCO and Glapion are the perfect Batcrew (and since they are creating the second best selling series at DC I think they'll stay together :D )

  2. So he does plan to stay on past Batman # 11

    Thank you Mr Snyder. Stay well- we need you!

  3. Fast forward to July and we now know the 2nd arc is the return of the Joker!