Thursday, February 16, 2012

Panels of the Week

So, it occurred to me, once I get through the spoilers posts, unless there are some early previews or news stories, my posting on the second half of the week gets a little thin... that, and I hardly use the "art" tag. Soooo, I've decided to adapt the not-so-original idea of a "hey, these are the best panels of the week" post, to those of the week's Batman books. It's something I thought about doing before, but just never got around to, but now, I'm doing it, so here we go!

Not so much a panel, as it is a page, but this one page from Batman #6 really serves as the turning point of the story, and the tipping point where Bruce goes into full badass mode, threatening to come after each and every member of the Court of Owls.

Dick Grayson with a devilish grin while dangling a guy upside down, off the edge of a building... perfect

Even though Jesus Saiz didn't draw this issue, it'd be hard to notice. Javier Pina perfectly depicted the badassery of Katana and Poison Ivy here.

The climactic scene in Under the Hood is probably one of my favorite scenes in modern Batman history. It's genuinely emotional for both characters involved, so any recreation of that is going to get me.

Right after Selina dropped a bomb on Bruce. The tenseness is captured perfectly, showing one of those rare moments Batman is actually speechless. I also think it was a great move to have it be a completely clear panel, no words, no nothing, just mimic the silence of the scene.

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