Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Owls in Gotham's past

Above are two pages from today's All Star Western #6. If you aren't up to speed, the book stars Jonah Hex, who has gotten tangled up with some business in late 1800s Gotham, along with Amadeus Arkham. On top of that, the book will tie into the "Night of the Owls" come May... but it seems like writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray couldn't wait for May...

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Let's give you a little context for the scene, Hex and Arkham just got broke a child abduction ring. The man in question leading the whole operation would abduct children and use them as slave labor building the sewer. In the scene above itself, Hex, Arkham and a Detective are going to arrest Mr. Moody in his house... notice anything about the decor?

Yeah, that's a SHIT TON of stuffed owls hanging about. Coincidence? Not at all. But it may go even deeper than "Lol Court of Owls, let's put some owls in his house." Ask yourself, where was the Court of Owls' maze as seen in Batman #4, 5 and 6? Beneath the sewer you say?! Shocking! Let's continue... what did Bruce speculate when he came across the room within the maze with multiple coffins? You know the ones that we now know to be resting places of various Talons? That the Court turned children into monsters?!


I think I'm on to something...

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  1. I was thinking very similar things. The Talons spark the image of from Hellboy in my brain now.

    I wonder what twists Scott has in store for the Gothamverse side of DC.