Thursday, February 2, 2012

Marcus To joins Batwing

Batwing #9 cover

Well, this is a surprise. DC just announced that starting with issue #9, Marcus To will join Batwing as the new series artist.

I'm torn on this announcement, on one hand I love Marcus To's work, and I'm so glad to see that he's on an ongoing book once again, but on the other hand, I just realized that yesterday's issue #6 was Ben Oliver's last (seeing as Dustin Nguyen will be drawing issues #7 and 8)

I think this is the definition of bitter sweet. Excited for To, bummed that we won't see Ben Oliver draw another issue again.

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  1. Ben Oliver, Dustin Nguyen, Marcus To...

    This really is the book to be reading if you want phenomenal art, isn't it?