Friday, February 10, 2012

Is this Earth-2 Dick Grayson?

Above, is the variant cover of Earth-2 #1... you know, the series launching in May dedicated to the parallel earth Justice Society? Well, that's obviously not the Justice Society, as we're looking at what looks to be Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fighting off some of Darkseid's Parademons, similar to what's going on in the five years before arc of Justice League... but something's fishy.

First thing to note, the costumes... I initially thought this was just mistakenly posted as the Earth-2 variant, when it's really one for Justice League #6, but the costumes just don't fit, so it's not that. So what we're looking at is probably just alternate Earth Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman... but take a closer look, particularly at what weapon Batman is using.


Escrima sticks.

Now think, who else uses escrima sticks?

Uh huh. You got it.

Calling it right now... that's Earth-2 Dick, Conner and Donna. Anything is possible.

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  1. "Calling it right now... that's Earth-2 Dick, Conner and Donna."

    Hellyeah. I'm approving this theory. And this made much more sense - if they seriously playing around multiple Earth again, this is a good way to go.

  2. I like the idea of Dick, Superboy, and Donna but I think realistically it would be Dick, Clark, and Diana since Supes and WW are essentially immortal, right? Unless there had been some catastrophic event. In either case, waaaaay better Superman costume. Let's take that guy, whoever he is.

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  3. I love your theory and would be more than enthusiastic to see it become a reality. At least Dick does seem to be the main Bats here (Donna would also make my world). Hope you cover this series as well.~

  4. Oh man I would love to see the return of DickieBats!

  5. OH!OH! If this is true then maybe Wally West can return to the DCU as well! If all this turns out to be what it is I am totally buying this.