Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Helena Wayne as Robin

Design by Worlds' Finest artist Kevin Maguire

Another change brought to the Earth-2 characters, it is now confirmed that Helena Wayne was indeed Robin prior to somehow ending up in the regular Earth, where she became the Huntress.

Earth Two writer James Robinson had this to say:
Helena Wayne has been taught how to be the perfect Robin, assured as a detective, fighter, scientist, pilot and all around crime-fighter she’s been groomed by Batman to be the perfect caped manhunter (or should we say manHuntress) when she grows up.
Editor Will Moss continued:
Before coming to the main DCU Earth and taking up the mantle of Huntress, Helena Wayne fought crime alongside her father as the Robin to his Batman on Earth-2!
Things are getting really interesting, as it's becoming abundantly clear that it seems as if Earth-2 continuity is being completely re-written (something that's probably best given the New 52 philosophy, and introducing the multiverse.) This now maybe brings up questions as to who the Earth-2 Batman is... it could be Bruce Wayne, who knows.

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  1. This outfit is pretty sweet! I wish Damian would get those vambraces!