Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Detective Comics joins the Owl fun

A few weeks ago when the "Night of the Owls" was announced, it was said that pretty much everything but Detective Comics and Batwoman would tie into the event, due to those books being in the middle of their own stories. Well, seems like someone feels left out, as DC just announced that Detective Comics #9 will indeed tie into the "Night of the Owls" story.

According to Mike Marts, the issue will deal with Batman saving Jeremiah Arkham from a Talon, and explore some connections between the Court of Owls and Arkham Asylum. Makes sense given the point of the cross over, of having the Court target prominent figures in Gotham, and even Amadeus Arkham's encounter with the Court in All Star Western (that is, if he's still in the book by then, which I can't imagine why he wouldn't.) Though, it is a bit odd, because this is literally a story that takes place over one night, and you had Batman's story taking place in Batman, then in a book like Batman: The Dark Knight it stars Tim Drake more. Hopefully this issue of Detective Comics won't actually star Batman that much, just for the sake of consistency.

And no, I do not expect Batwoman to fall prey to the owls.

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