Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Batwoman #6 inked spread

In another update to the spread Amy Reeder posted on her Facebook, she posted the image now with Richard Friend's inks to go along with her pencils.

Since the #0 issue, I've constantly said I'm more excited to see Reeder's arc that I was JH Williams III's, simply because with Williams, I knew what to expect in terms of how good he is. Reeder, I'm unfamiliar with, so my excitement level for next week's #6 is very high.

(Source: Amy Reeder's Facebook)

Justice League Dark is definitely not The Robins

So, last week, Bleeding Cool posted a rumor that Jeff Lemire was in talks to write a series called "The Robins" starring Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne. Then, days later, Lemire tweeted that his new project at DC would be revealed this week. So naturally, people assumed based on the timing of those two posts, that this announcement would be about "The Robins."

Some were excited, but then there were some... some who just raged. "ANOTHER BAT BOOK!?" they said! Complaining that DC's most profitable ip had too many books anyways, and demanded books about benched characters like Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain... which... I mean... those would would be Bat books as well, just saying... But nevertheless, RAGE!

Then today rolled around, and it was announced that Lemire would be taking over the dark darling, Justice League Dark, which I'm pretty sure is not "The Robins." But then, what will all the Robins nay sayers do with all their rage, that was ever so misplaced at a rumor that didn't come to fruition (right now at least.) Well, I'm going to play political pundit, and spin this shit in all you ragers' favor. BUCKLE UP! Because with Lemire taking over the team, two members will leave, and three new ones will join... and they won't be Cass or Steph!!!

There you go. Rage on.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Swierczynski talks Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey writer Duane Swierczynski talked to CBR about the series, how it came to be, the concept behind the characters, working with Jesus Saiz, and teased a bit of the book's future plans.

I've noticed his interviews seem to be a little few and far between, so get it while you can! Which is forever, unless CBR crashes and burns out of no where, so really... no rush. Shut up.

But in all honesty, with the book at the level of quality that it currently sits at, I've got no problem with the scarce amount of interviews about it, as it speaks for itself.

(Source: CBR)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Judd Winick Batwing interview

I was hoping we'd get an interview from Judd Winick eventually, about either of his series, really, as he hasn't given any in depth since the launch of the New 52.

It's actually a pretty good one. As you'll notice, in my preview post I was pondering just how the story transitions from Egypt to Gotham, and while two of the Kingdom members now living in Gotham is well... a little convenient, let's say, I like how Winick addressed that possible fan reaction, thinking it's just marketing.

It'll also be interesting to actually see David in Gotham, far from his element. I like what Winick had to say about that too.

(Source: Newsarama)

Batwing #6 preview

It'll be interesting to see how they justify going from Egypt in one issue, to Gotham in the next.

(Source: Newsarama)

Batwoman #6 pencils

Amy Reeder updated her Facebook page to show the pencils to a double page spread, over the layouts she posted previously.

Looking good.

(Source: Amy Reeder's Facebook)

Another day, another Kyle Higgins interview

In the second part of Newsarama's interview with Kyle Higgins, he talks a bit more about the future, how Dick's time as Batman comes into play, and how he's planning stories guest starring Damian and Tim.

(Source: Newsarama)

Detective Comics #6 preview

I'll be honest, I just woke up a little while ago, I can't create a coherent little blurb to write about this preview... yeah.

(Source: IGN)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Higgins talks (more) Nightwing

Another day, another Nightwing interview, this time with CBR. This one is actually a tad bit more expansive in terms of how everything meshes together, IE the past issues transitioning into the "Night of the Owls" cross over, and there seems to be little throw backs to Gates of Gotham (which comes out in trade next week) coming up.

Definitely worth a read.

(Source: CBR)

Updated New 52 collection list

A month or two ago, DC announced the initial trade release dates for all the New 52 series. The list wasn't exactly final, as most of it seemed to be "eeeh, just have the first six issues listed" which isn't the case anymore, as DC released an updated trades list with correct issue #s and names.

Hit the jump for the list of all the Batman related trades.

Batman #9 cover

Scott Snyder gave Comicvine an exclusive first look at the cover to May's Batman #9, which seems to be the turning point for Bruce in his fight against the Court of Owls. If the issue looks familiar, that's not a coincidence, Snyder had this to say about it:
Well, just like the cover to #4 was all about the Owls claiming Gotham, this cover is almost the reverse image - this is Bruce's time to win the city back, with everything at his disposal.
(Source: Comicvine)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kyle Higgins on Nightwing, circuses, and owls

Newsarama posted an interview with Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins where they talk about the past few issues, what those issues mean to the larger picture of the book, revelations of Saiko and Raya, and how the "Night of the Owls" cross over will be a turning point for the book.

Lots of cool stuff is coming up, and I'm looking forward to it. The end of the interview suggests a second part is coming later this week, so here's to hoping we don't have to wait much longer for that part.

(Source: Newsarama)

Looking forward: February 1st, 2012

As February is a month with five Wednesdays, the release schedule is a bit different, as we'll see Huntress come out the week after next. Nevertheless, here's what will be covered next week.
  • Detective Comics #6: There's a killer loose in Gotham, and all signs point to the Penguin's new casino.
  • Batwing #6: Massacre is in Egypt, presumably after another member of the Kingdom, and it's up to David to stop him, before he kills again.
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See you next week.

SPOILERS: Batman - The Dark Knight #5

In Scarecrow's cabin, Batman tries to fight off the effects of Scarecrow's fear toxin, but struggles to keep the hallucinations at bay, as Crane lectures him on fear. Bruce tries to fight back, but each time he tries to hit or tackle Crane, it turns out to be nothing but a hallucination. Crane eventually is able to inject Bruce with the same toxin all the Arkham inmates were injected with, then leaves, as he senses someone else coming.

Batman #6 art teaser

Damn this book is twisted.

(Source: iFanboy)

New Batman INC. art

A criminal gang with heads most likely reference to the Sabbatic Goat? Yep, it's a Grant Morrison book.

(Source: The Soruce)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Batwoman #6 layouts

Amy Reeder posted some rough sketch layouts of a double page spread coming up in her first issue of Batwoman, coming out in two weeks.

I've been looking forward to Reeder's arc for awhile, and I have to say, I'm glad we're still getting cool double page spreads still.

(Source: Amy Reeder's Facebook)

Rumor: Jeff Lemire on "The Robins?"

Well, this is an interesting rumor. Bleeding Cool is reporting that they heard from a source within DC that Sweet Tooth/Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire is might be planning a title known as "The Robins." The title would include Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, in some capacity, but anything other than that is unknown.

My first thought reading this was "cool," as I like all four characters, and Jeff Lemire is a good writer, what's not to like? Then you sit back and think "Wait, how does that work?" Safe to say, I'd be very curious to see if this pans out.

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

I support this notion

Monday, January 23, 2012

Paul Jenkins talks Batman: The Dark Knight

Soon to be the full time writer of Batman: The Dark Knight, Paul Jenkins talked to CBR about the future of the title. Subjects ranged from what to expect in the second arc, the mystery of the white rabbit, and how Batman's relationship with Commissioner Gordon will play a major role in the title.

(Source: CBR)

New Nightwing #6 cover

Eh. I don't really like this one, but it's not like I was fond of the first #6 cover either.

(Source: DC Comics)

I, Vampire #5 preview

I may not be covering it, but as you can tell from my last post, I believe I, Vampire is a book you all should be reading, so damned if I'm not going to promote it in anyway I can.

(Source: USA Today)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I, Vampire invades Gotham

Starting with next week's issue #5, I, Vampire will see Mary, Queen of Blood's vampire horde invade Gotham City, while Andrew Bennett and Batman try to quell the uprising.

This series has been consistently one of my favorite titles through out the New 52. From the complex characters and their relationships, to the beautifully atmospheric art, there's a whole lot to love, and being that the next two issues take place in Gotham, I figured now is as good a time as any to promote the book here.

If you're not reading I, Vampire, you're really missing out on a fantastic book.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Peter Tomasi talks Batman and Robin

Newsarama had an extensive interview with Batman and Robin writer Peter Tomasi about many thematic elements of the current arc, dealing with Bruce, Damian, and Nobody, aka Morgan Ducard. It's a particularly good interview with a lot of insight on Tomasi's part... added to the fact that we get three unlettered pages from issue #6.

Tomasi also spoke a little bit about the upcoming "Night of the Owls" crossover which will have Batman and Robin #9 spotlight Damian as he deals with the Court of Owls. Tomasi also teases something else...
Starting in issue #10, I'll be keeping that promise with a whole bunch of cool and weird ass new villains. I'm a man of my word, damn it! Regarding the future, well, there's something so crazy coming up in a few months that it'll melt your eyes in your head once it gets announced!
Wonder what that could be... given Grant Morrison's comments from SDCC '11, I'm going to guess it may have something to do with Batman Incorporated, but we'll have to wait to find out just what Tomasi is talking about.

(Source: Newsarama)

Batman: The Dark Knight #5 preview

Say what you will, but those fear gas hallucination pages are awesome looking.

(Source: Kotaku)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nightwing #6 teaser

Kyle Higgins posted a teaser image from next month's Nightwing #6. Eddy Barrows has come out of his one and a half issue hiatus swinging.

(Source: Kyle Higgins' Twitter)

Starling, first gay Bird of Prey.

So, yesterday I was reading Birds of Prey #5, and while my favorite new character Starling was taking her time off, she ended up in a woman named June's apartment, and soon after that I said out loud "Whoa, plot twist!" as it seemed everyones favorite new gun shooting, tattoo getting, hard drinking Bird was actually gay (or at least bi, since that door hasn't explicitly been closed yet... basically not straight.)

There was still a little ambiguity to it, as this June girl wasn't all too fleshed in the issue, some thought it may have been a relative. But, there isn't a whole lot left to speculate after series writer Duane Swierczynski addressed a question about Starling's sexuality on twitter, saying:
"Yep. I'd say it's [June scene] more than a hint :)"
So there you have it, Straling is gay. How come this isn't being talked about more? Bunker from Teen Titans certainly got enough headlines for being gay... and correct me if I'm wrong, this is the first gay member of the Birds of Prey, right? (I actually find that hard to believe, given how long Gail Simone wrote the title. Also, I don't really consider Savant and Creote actual members) Oh yeah, it's because for some stupid reason, not as many people are reading the book as they used to. Seriously, I keep telling you, this is one of the best books DC publishes, certainly my favorite team book that I read.

(Source: Duane Swierczyski's Twitter)

Tony Daniel talks Detective Comics

Forgot to post this yesterday with all of the spoilers to write up, but regardless, here's an interview with Detective Comics writer/artist Tony Daniel on what to expect in the future of the series, as well as the back-ups that will begin in April.

(Source: CBR)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Starling is AWESOME post #2314

Some of you don't read Birds of Prey, and I think you're terrible for it. Just look at Starling, read the words she says... HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS CHARACTER!?

Looking forward: Janurary 25th, 2012

Next week will be the traditional cool down week with only one book to cover.
  • Batman - The Dark Knight #5: Say hello to the Scarecrow, as it's the first time we've seen him in... well, quite a while. Since Blackest Night? That sounds right.
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SPOILERS: Batman #5

Commissioner Gordon sits alone on top of the GCPD with the bat signal on as Harvey Bullock appears, joking that the light will blow out soon, and revealing that no one has seen Batman in eight days. Gordon declines the suggestion to turn off the light, telling Bullock that it's a sign, for all those dirtbags, and for all those who care about him. As he speaks, Alfred, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl all search for Batman. Even Batwing does what he can to help, and Catwoman takes notice of the signal in the sky with a worried look.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #5

Somewhere in a New Orleans graveyard, a young woman by the name of Zohna summons a demon through a voodoo ritual, pointing the rhyming beast towards Haly's circus.

Elsewhere, as Nightwing, Dick Grayson catches up to the circus' train on his motorcycle. All the current events in his life are swirling through his head, Assassin trying to kill him, Mr. Haly's son still being pissed at him for "taking" the circus, Raya not talking to him since Babs left Miami, and oh yeah, that creepy book of names that listed him. You know… normal Dick Grayson stuff.

SPOILERS: Birds of Prey #5

So, things are a bit weird for the Birds. All the sudden, they're in the middle of the street, Starling's hand is fixed, Batgirl is missing, and no one can remember anything. Each member of the team has something different to believe, Ivy doesn't think Batgirl was there, Katana believes they fought many people, so on and so on. But things go from weird to hectic, as a group of armed men show up to attack. The team does away with them, but police sirens are heard in the distance, and they're forced to make a break for it.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

As Crux flies away, leaving a de-powered Starfire behind, he believes he has won, only to have a grappling arrow be fired into his leg, shock him, causing him to plummet towards the ground. Arsenal, Roy Harper, is there waiting for him, demanding to know where Kori is, as he pins Crux to the ground. Crux tells him that she's near the lake, still a bit dazed, he is surprised that another human is against him.

SPOILERS: Catwoman #5

As Selina falls back down to earth, after being launched up into the sky by Reach last issue, she remembers what an old thieving mentor told her, about what shit gets sideways, that's always the best part. Hurdling toward the ground, she comes up with an idea to try and save her self by using her whip to latch on to a nearby construction sight, swinging into an unfinished building, dislocating her shoulder in the process.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nightwing #5 teaser

And to combat Snyder's Batman teaser, Kyle Higgins posted his own Nightwing #5 teaser. It's not Etrigan, but Dick just got knocked the fuck out by a rhyming demon.

(Source: Kyle Higgins' Twitter)

Batman #5 teaser

A small tease from tomorrow's Batman #5

(Source: Scott Snyder's Twitter)

Leviathan Strikes almost didn't happen.

So, this is interesting. Right now, Batman and Robin / Batman Inc: Leviathan Strikes artist Cameron Stewart is hosting an "Ask Me Anything" over on Reddit, (note: if you try to read this post a couple of hours from now, you won't be able to due to a Reddit black out protest of SOPA/PIPA) where he spilt some interesting details.

When asked about the whole "is it pre or post New 52" deal, Stewart gave the story which we've heard before that originally, they were going to try and adapt it to post New 52, but went back to normal continuity. It get's better, apparently, there was a week where it almost didn't happen at all. Stewart says:
There was one crazy week when I was informed that the issues weren't going to be released at all, either combined or seperate, and they would instead be included as "bonus" material in the Batman Inc hardcover, but thank god they came to their senses and didn't do that.
I share his sentiment, thank god that didn't happen. That would have been... oh man, such a terrible idea. Woo, dodged an angry fanboy sized bullet with that one.

But, there is some good, almost-news. Apparently Stewart has also "volunteered" to "pinch hit" for Chris Burnham, should he need a break on the new volume of Batman Incorporated. Nothing is set in stone, he just said the idea was "warmly received" should they need the help.

The William Cobb connection

If you read last month's Nightwing #4, you'll remember that it ended with Dick Grayson finding a book of names within the center ring of the circus. Within that book were a list of names that he didn't recognize, like for example, William Cobb. But, on the last page there was one name that Dick did recognize... his own.

Flash forward to nearly a month later, and read the solicit for Nightwing #8. Specifically this line:
Plus: the untold story of William Cobb – the Talon who’s hunting Bruce Wayne!
It seems good ol' William is the (a) Talon. So what does that mean in terms of the book of names? Well, one would guess that it's a list of Talons. Dick Grayson though? Obviously not a Talon, but with all the hints that we were given about big revelations pertaining to the Grayson family and Haly's circus, perhaps Dick Grayson had a different destiny once intended for him... we'll have to read to find out.

Gary Frank Batman #6 variant

Batman vs. the mysterious William Cobb, aka Talon.

(Source: The Source)

Batman Group April 2012 Solicitations

They're here, they're here, they're finally here. A number of story arcs will be finishing up in anticipation of May's "Night of the Owls" story, and the only creative differences to note are Dustin Nguyen/Derek Fridolfs on Batwing, and Adriana Melo/Mariah Benes on Catwoman... which hopefully is just a one time thing, not a fan of Melo, personally.

Hit the jump for full solicits!

Dustin Nguyen drawing Batwing #7 & 8

Despite Ben Oliver being previously solicited to draw Batwing #7, DC announced today that Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs will be illustrating two issues of Batwing starting with #7.

This short arc features Batwing hunting Massacre to Gotham, receiving help from Batman, Nightwing, Robin and Batgirl, ultimately leading to the identity of the killer, who I hope isn't, but expect to be David's brother Isaac... we'll see.

This is good news for me, as I'm a big fan of Dustin Nguyen, and probably won't be picking up his series Justice League Beyond (just not that interested.) I've got to imagine that this is in order to let series artist Ben Oliver to illustrate the Night of the Owls issue that will probably show up in May, and possibly June if this is one of the series that does more than one tie in issue.

(Source: The Source)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nightwing #5 preview

Have you ever thought "You know, Nighwing fighting your average joe killers is nice and all, but what I really want to see him fight is a rhyming demon from hell." Well you're in luck with this week's Nightwing #5!

(Source: USA Today)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Owls in Batman: The Dark Knight

Remember when I had a post about all the series that will be included within the "Night of the Owls" crossover? Well, turns out we missed one, as Scott Snyder confirmed via IGN interview that Batman: The Dark Knight will also see some owls flying through out its pages.

So basically, every "bat book" but Batwoman and Detective Comics, plus All Star Western. Good god.

Be sure to read the interview too, as we get a few more tidbits about the upcoming back ups and stories. May is going to be an AWESOME month, I'll say that.

(Source: IGN)

Nightwing and the Night of the Owls

When the Night of the Owls "crossover" was announced, Scott Snyder said that some books will only do one issue, others would do two (I can't imagine more.) Today, Nightwing writer Kyle Higgins confirmed that Nightwing would be contributing two issues to the crossover, via twitter. I'd have to assume issues #9 and #10, for obvious reasons.

Double rainbow Nightwing, what does it mean?! Considering how much we've been told about the Grayson's involvement within the Court of Owls story going on, I'd assume a lot.

(Source: Twitter)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Okay, well, they didn't exactly say that... but my local Fox affiliate (WTTG Washington DC) seems to believe that new violent/sexy comics are what will be destroying this country's youth in the future

Yep, comics will be the downfall of our youth. You know... pictures and words, not a shitty economy, not a broken home, not an underfunded public school system. Mmmhmm. Sexy/violent movies, TV shows, musicvideo games, comics are what we should blame for all the problems today's youth has. Why should parents care and make an effort to pay attention to what their children are doing/reading/watching, when instead they can be scared by local news affiliates? 

Excuse me while I...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Huntress = Helena Wayne

As the title says, Paul Levitz today confirmed that the Huntress in the current mini series is indeed Helena Wayne, Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman's daughter. In the process, it seems they've also destroyed Helena Bertinelli by pretty much merging the two together, having "Bertinelli" simply be an alias Helena Wayne has used.

Now, if you read my review of Huntress #4, you know what my thoughts on this are. Basically: cheated. I don't really give a crap about Helena Wayne personally, and for the first time with the relaunch, I'm generally displeased.

With this revelation, and the mini series becoming more and more boring, I'll be re-evaluating if I'll bother to finish writing it up later.

But I'll say this: RIP Helena Bertinelli, you were awesome.

(Source: Newsarama)

Catwoman #5 preview

DC posted a preview for next week's Catwoman issue over on their Facebook page. Looks like Catwoman survived that fall! Jolly gee wilickers, they keep tricking me into thinking the protagonist of the book is gonna die every issue!

(Source: DC Comics Facebook)

Birds of Prey #5 preview

God, I love how nonchalant Ivy is. Javier Pina did the finishes for this issue, and I've got to say, if they want to give Jesus Saiz a break from time to time, I have no problem with Pina stepping in. Great match.

(Source: Newsarama)