Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Looking Forward: January 4th, 2012

Aaaaaah, shit. Ringing in the new year with the new Gotham Spoilers.

To kick off the brand new site (for real, this time) here's what will be covered next week:
  • Detective Comics #5: The start of a new (3 issue?) arc features the Penguin launching a floating Iceberg Casino, but as you can guess, Batman will probably ruin the party.
  • Batwing #5: Series artist Ben Oliver is back, and from what I can gather from the preview, it seems Massacre has employed Bruce Wayne's Batman Inc. method of crime fighting, and adapted it to... well, just plain old crime. Good thing Batman is conveniently in Africa too.
  • Huntress #4: The hunt is on, we know who Helena is after, and hopefully, with only two issues left after this one, the series picks up some steam as it heads to the conclusion.
And there we have it, the new Gotham Spoilers is officially open! To celebrate this, you should follow Gotham Spoilers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to make sure you miss NOTHING.

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