Tuesday, December 6, 2011

25 More Days.

Well, if you're already following the new Gotham Spoilers, good for you, you're ahead of the curve.

Earlier today I realized that this move I'm making pretty much mirrors the current status of the DC Universe, as in I've rebooted Gotham Spoilers, but not completely, kind of, sorta. So, I found that kind of funny.

Anyways, looking ahead, before the launch of the site, I'll be fooling around here to get everything just right. Because I'm now paying for the domain, albeit not that much, I'll have some ads up on the site. It's my goal to make these as non-intrusive as I can, simply for the integrity of the site. And hell, if you have AdBlock, you won't even see them... I didn't, because lord knows I got frustrated refreshing my site and not being able to see where these ads were, only to realize I had AdBlock on. Am I gonna get rich quick? Probably not. But if I can at least make the money back I spent on the domain, that'll be cool.

Also, I'll be doing new types of posts. I'm toying around with ideas here and there about what I can do. First idea will be a wrap up post of news stories/interviews that are about the books covered, or general happenings in the Gotham end of the DCU. Still brainstorming other post ideas.

So yeah, that's what's up. I'm looking forward to moving Gotham Spoilers here full time, and excited at the possibilities that this could create. Hope you guys are too!


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