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SPOILERS: Batman #38

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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

SPOILERS: Batman #38

I... I don't know, I feel like this issue was hyped up a bit too much for its own good.

The Spoilers:

So a rich kid's parents get killed, all signs point to Zsasz, but he's been locked up. Maybe someone killing for Zsasz? Zsasz don't tell, he cuts. Bruce comforts the boy, Matthew, as their families knew each other and he sees an obvious likeness. Tells him it's going to be all better and to be strong.

The killings keep happening though, and eventually, it seems like Two Face is doing the killings. Now the police are confused and Matthew is upset, but boy does he admire Bruce Wayne. Let's just get to the point, the kid's butler did the killings, for the kid probably, he gets all the money. I don't even really remember who the other people that were killed were. Bruce still doesn't like it it, he seems to think the way the deaths were blamed on one person after another almost seems childish.

Oh look, Mathew is at his parents graves with Thomas and Martha carved into his cheeks. Seems like he really wants to be Bruce Wayne in a crazy way. Bruce (as Batman) eventually snaps and tells Matthew that he isn't Bruce Wayne, he's just a sick kid with dead parents... BUT WHAT IS BRUCE WAYNE!? DUN DUN DUN.

The Opinion:

So this issue got hyped up a lot... I feel like I saw Bleeding Cool call it Tom King's Killing Joke or something like that. There were other sites promising that a new major villain would be established and there were plenty of spoiler posts about it today.


First of all, calling this Tom King's "Killing Joke" writing a check no one's ass can cash. Remember when the Joker's Daughter issue got real hyped up for no good reason, sold for hundreds of dollars and yet... it was trash? Well, I'm not saying  this issue was trash, it was fine, but let's not get wrapped up in the hype, shall we? After a string of just fucking fantastic issues (including the last issue which was my favorite comic of 2017), this issue just felt out of place. Like I get it, probably needed some time for other artists in bigger arcs, but this was just... random feeling. Then there's the promise of "oh we'll get back to this" and maybe I'm just cynical, but I just don't see how or why it's even going to matter. I don't particularly think Batman is going to go around smacking a child about, so I feel safe in guessing that he'll just be like a Hannibal character who will taunt Bruce and I don't know... emotions?

All in all... I just think this issue felt completely out of place and but an immediate halt to all the fantastic momentum this series had built up recently. Just a downer, really. 


  1. REALLY? of all the cliches, he went with "the butler did it"? God, Tom King can irritate me sometimes. -_-

    1. That's like the most frivolous detail to get hung up on.

    2. Eh, true. Just annoying. And you already talked about everything else wrong with it.

  2. I'm not sure if this is exactly where Tom King is going (through issue 100, right? Please?), but Gotham (and by extension, somewhat) Gotham Girl had an almost Batman origin. This kid, the same (although "almost" in a much different way). I could see this turning into either (a) Gotham Girl's villain (or whatever she was alluding to about "killing Batman" at the end of I Am Bane(?)) or (b) something in the vein of the Three Batmen thing from Grant Morrison's run - a series of characters that reflect some aspect of Bruce's pathology

  3. This should be a one-off, just a single tale told about a disturbed boy. If they want to make a new big villain that reflects Bruce's childhood damage, they already have Hush. And Black Mask. And The Wrath. Bringing this kid back would just taint this.

    Honestly, I miss one-and-done Batman tales. King has done them before, but it's rare, and I liked this one overall. It's just the right amount of disturbing. Okay, maybe the grave scene is a bit much.

    1. This issue felt to me like a one-off from the late 80's/ early 90's. Could have passed for an Alan Grant script, which is not IMO a bad thing. I do agree with FHIZ that the hype surrounding it was overblown though. I feel like we've seen this trope before of the orphaned kid who's secretly disturbed but Batman can't see it because of his own blind spots (including, as you point out, Hush).

    2. That was a point I forgot to make. One of my first thoughts was this felt like the non existent New 52 edgy origin of Hush.

  4. Definitely overhyped, but that aside, I really liked it. Also, I was impressed by the art. I don't want to compare it to others artists who have been in the title, so I will just say that I enjoyed it and found it fitting to the story being told. I could see the twist from half way the story, but it was really well handled. I think it's a comic pretty in line with what King have been doing with the character, maybe not in the last month, but with the overall plot and his view of both Batman and Bruce Wayne. I didn't think of Hush while reading though, but it did remind me of Broken City. Still, it's a much different product and both kids, the one from BC and Master Bruce, are pretty distinct aside from the fact of having killed their parents