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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SPOILERS: Nightwing #32

What better place for a hero and a villain to have a tense conversation than a blackjack table Symbolism!

The Spoilers:

So Dick and Raptor are playing cards. As you would expect, Raptor shit talks Dick and says he can't do anything without blowing his cover, so he wins a hand. Then Dick responds by telling Raptor how he's tried to remember him. He's gone back to people in the circus to ask around, and has come to the conclusion that Raptor, who claimed to be his mother's protector, saw Tony Zucco the night the Graysons died, but he also saw Bruce Wayne, and instead of doing his "job" and protecting Mary, he succumbed to his thief like ways and went to try and pickpocket Bruce, not seeing the sabotage and thus failing to prevent the Graysons' death. Dick wins that hand! Nevertheless, hey Raptor has spiked the entire casino with Blockbuster's serum.

Elsewhere, the Run Offs decided to try and stop Raptor and Pigeon for the memory of Giz and end up convincing Orca to join them, but off Pigeon and Raptor go as the casino descends into chaos.

The Opinion:

I really liked the majority of the issue taking place around a card game. As flippant as the teaser line I wrote up there was, it worked well illustrating Raptor and Nightwing getting one up on each other. Real tense, did its job well.

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