SPOILERS: Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt #1

It just keeps getting worse! ...STILL!

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #974

Oh lord, it's Civil War time.

SPOILERS: Batman #40

Batman wasn't good... he wasn't bad... he was just ROMAN REIGNS! DUN-NU, NU-NU, NU-NU, NU. NUUUUUH. Sorry...

SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #5

Show of hands, who pinned Harley Quinn as the most sane person going in to this? No one? That's what I thought.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #38

So the Judge is basically just the devil, right?

Thursday, September 28, 2017

All-Star Batman #14 Preview

Almost forgot about this one, blame the delays! Don't know what comes next after this with Sean Murphy... and Lee Bermejo maybe... Is Paul Pope still on the docket? I've lost track.

(Source: Adventures in Poor Taste)

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