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Friday, August 18, 2017

Detective Comics #963 Preview

And then Steph got real annoying.

(Source: Newsarama)


  1. Seeing Steph be this stupid hurts me. DEEPLY.

  2. Stephanie Brown has always been stupid.

  3. You must not have read anything about her before this since Bryan Q. Miller's run was fantastic and she's a great character. You wouldn't know that from this run.

    1. She's been a terrible burden on the Batfamily since Dixon introduced her and she stole the best Batgirl's role just like Damian stole the best Robin's role.

    2. I know opinions are subjective, but I wouldn't have considered Tim the best Robin even before Damian.

      Cass you could make a case for. Though her tenure was short and it seems like after the Shiva business - and her series - wrapped no one knew what the hell to do with her.

      I've got nothing against Stephanie Brown, usually. I liked what I've read of her Batgirl run a lot, more than most Batgirl comics I've read, actually. She's just become kind of insufferable in this series.

    3. I think the thing is, Tynion wanted to create this take on her who was closer to the original source material. However, here all she is is irresponsible and cocky, and that's not good. Hoping Tim coming back makes her realize this.