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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #955

Cassandra isn't good at talking, but she's real good at whoopin'.

The Spoilers:

A couple of things happen this issue, Shiva locks up Batman's team under a nuclear bomb that's going to destroy the cave system Gotham is built on, thus causing the city to implode on itself, and while that happens, Cassandra is waking up to her hidden home on top of the ballet, where the dancer she was watching has found her.

Cassandra wakes up to the dancer reading her a story about a girl who was a shadow, and through some light discussion, Cassandra gets the confidence boost she needs and sets out on her own as Cassandra Cain, not Orphan, not the daughter of Lady Shiva, she's intent on deciding her own fate.

And she does that by storming the League of Shadows' lair, while the Colony potentially plans to use what is essentially smart napalm to burn the League out of their nest.

Cassandra makes her way to Shiva, who remains unimpressed, but Cassandra calls her bluff. Having freed Batman and the rest of her team, Cassandra and her allies make their stand.

The Opinion: 

So at this point, I just think the reasoning behind the League of Shadows and wanting to destroy Gotham is just "because we're evil and stuff." Unless I'm missing something completely, it's just kind of weak… this book is usually more thoughtful than that. That said, the potential destruction of the city is completely secondary to Cassandra's development in modern continuity, which this arc is clearly a vehicle for. It was nice to see her come into her own, and at the very least, it will buck the tradition of "end of the arc, lose a cast member" this book has been going on for awhile now. Takara's art was spectacular. Great use of shadow, and the "widescreen" panels were a nice treat… even if Comixology struggles to figure out how to display those, but that's a "me" problem.


  1. Did you notice who wrote The Girl and the Shadow?

    Carolyn Wu-San; Cassandra's aunt.

    Also in Supergirl #2 Cat Grant mentioned taking a language seminar with Carolyn Wu-San. It seems to indicate that unlike in the pre-52 continuity (where David Cain murdered her) Carolyn is alive. It seems Cass might have a relative who isn't evil.

  2. That widescreen page was a "me" problem too. Had to lock the orientation on my iPad to read it and even then I think it was upside down?