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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #952

Turns out Lady Shiva ain't nothing to fuck with.

The Spoilers:

Flashback time! Ra's tries to bargain with Lady Shiva with information about her daughter. Long story short, it doesn't go well... like, at all.

Speaking of not going well, boy is the League of Shadows attack not going well for Batman's team, as both Batwing and Azrael are injured and abducted, and Shiva (who is very disappointed in her daughter, flat out saying she would have rather not known of her existence) leaves Cass incapacitated, while telling Batman that one time he beat her? Yeah, she let him, and it's pretty clear she's not bluffing. Also, say hi to mommy, Cass.

Back at the Belfry, whats left of the team regroups, as down yet another tech person, Duke is called into to cross reference some of the Colony's list of people suspected of LoS involvement. Renee calls Kate, tells things are pretty much fucked for the Bats in a PR sense, meanwhile Jacob is basically telling Kate to get the hell out of dodge, and he's never been that serious about something. Jacob goes on to explain in full detail while Shiva is bad news, and Cass hears it all, thus cuing the first Batman/Cassandra Cain hug of Rebirth, as Cass is just left asking "why her?"

The Opinion: 

Boy, did this issue make Lady Shiva look strong... stronger than Roman Reigns, that's for sure. Loooooow blow. Anyways, for real... Shiva fucks shit up, and when she fucks Batman's shit up, you're left in awe a bit. This was Shiva's issue, that's for sure. Not much is left to be said. All you need to know is she's the real deal. 

Shiva aside, I like that this issue acknowledged characters like Duke and Batgirl, with Duke showing up. With this being the whole Gotham team book, I'd like to at least see cameos from characters that aren't on the actual team, just for the sake of making Gotham feel cohesive... Robin says hello. Christian Duce's art look fantastic as well. Fresh off Midnighter and Apollo, Fernando Blanco contributed to the art as well, and I'm a big fan of his too. Based off the cover for the next issue, he'll be contributing more next time around as well. 


  1. Looks like this is Lady Shiva's yard now.

  2. I saw people bitching that Batman jobbed too hard, Shiva is too evil, etc. But I'm loving this, myself. Glad I'm not the only one.

    The one thing that bothers me is after all this time the Gotham Police Department is still stupid enough to think Batman, a guy who never kills and doesn't use swords killed the mayor with a sword. Come on. Even for comic book public, that's a little silly.

    1. Yeah, I'd prefer to never read another "Batman framed for being a killer" story ever. He hangs out with Superman and the Justice League. Pretty sure the world knows he's on the up and up.

      Also, I'm fine with Batman getting his ass handed to him. If literally no one can ever threaten him, where are the stakes? He's not Superman.

    2. Yeah that was my problem last issue. Just a tired trope.

    3. And in this continuity, Batman's saved the entire city several times, starting with Zero Year. They should be grovelling at his feet. But no, comics public MUST be stupid and ungrateful at all times.

      At least Cassandra's getting some development. And I love Basil.

  3. Batman did job, the mere fact that Tynion poorly handwaved the fact that the character has been written as roughly on par with Shiva for decades is proof of that. There's a difference between a character being capable of beating Batman and effortlessly making him look helpless. We know Batman's methods, and the idea that he'd be helpless in front of anyone whose "superpower" is "does good karate" is goofy writing, and is blatantly an attempt to make Cass and Shiva seem more cool and important. Textbook jobbing. The way something is written is important, not just the end result of "Batman is fallible", which is obviously a good thing.

    1. What? When have Shiva and Batman ever been equal? I thought she's always been unquestionably better than him.

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  4. The GCPD's official position, even under Gordon, is that Batman and other Gotham vigilantes are criminals. And plenty of Gotham cops don't like the Batfamily.

    Really not seeing why Batman getting framed is so controversial.

    1. Thing is there are sort of conflicting views on Batman's status, even within week-to-week or month-to-month continuity. On the one hand, there's the view, that you outline, that he and his allies are criminal vigilantes. (That's to say nothing of the old school view that Batman wasn't even a public figure -- literally an Urban Legend.)

      Then there is the inevitably conflicting POV that Batman is a key member of the Justice League. His profile is inevitably public. Maybe he's not on TV doing news conferences like Superman, but he's definitely got a public profile as one of Earth's premiere heroes.

      I guess my point is that the idea that the public in Gotham, given events like Zero Year or Super Heavy (assuming you view them as "canon"), were he has a very public profile as an inspiring hero, undercuts the notion that Batman would be easily framed and mistrusted by the public.

      Ultimately, I think the real point is that Batman is a malleable character with a lot of different roles, interpretations, and portrayals. His prominence in the DCU shared universe really challenges the idea that he could be viewed as an untrustworthy villain.

      Ultimately, I'm with FHIZ: it's just sort of lazy storytelling to try and pin a murder on Batman in an attempt to discredit him. Year One/Zero Year when he's unknown or untrustworthy? Maybe. But not in the "contemporary" DCU.

    2. I gotta disagree. Good police aren't going to assume someone's innocent if they find them in a compromising situation just because that person's otherwise an upstanding citizen. I would certainly hope not, anyway.

      The more gung-ho and anti-Bat members of the GCPD (which, let's be honest, is a large number of them) is just using that as an excuse for some payback.

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  5. Oh great. Thanks. Now everytime Shiva shows up, I'm gonna hear Michael Cole's obnoxious voice saying "The big dog is gonna hunt". lol