Stack Rundown, 10/23/2016

Another week, another batch of comics to loosely talk about.

SPOILERS: Batman #9

It's saying something when a LoSH character hanging out in Batman is hardly the most WTF moment of an issue.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #7

The circus is a strange place, evident by the endless Nightwing stories that come from it.

Batman Group January 2017 Solicitations

Rebirth coming into the new year hot.

Stack Rundown, 10/16/2016

Man, I sure wish Damian showed up in Batman books too... you know, where it'd make total and complete sense?

Thursday, October 13, 2016

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy: Second Semester #2

School is back in session for real this time... and Amy wasn't nearly as sucky.

Still sucks though.

The Spoilers:

The Detective club is back, but without a mystery to solve. Good thing a lady dressed like a witch is abducting kids! More on that later. The club has their first meeting at lunch, but turns out Olive can't meet up after class because Amy, bleh. Also, Pom has some connection to the Arkham symbol Eric is always sketching, and he's super into it now.

Anyways. Kid on Kyle's tennis club gets swept away by witch lady. Maps sees a bunch of brainwashed looking kids in witch hats, tells Kyle she just saw the missing tennis player, he goes after them, gets knocked out by a broom. Maps finds him, goes deeper in the woods, finds spooky cabin annnnnd brainwashing witch hat.

Kyle can't find Maps, he gets the rest of the club involved, and hooray mystery.

The Opinion:

For whatever reason, this felt more like an episode of a cartoon to me. Had sort of a scooby doo vibe in the beginning where it's basically "Okay gang, let's find us a mystery!" Kind of hokey in a charming way. That said, I'm in this for the Gotham connections and the little bit with Pom and Eric about the Arkham symbol, which I'm guessing will be the overarching story of this volume is what caught my attention. Short, but a good little teaser of things to come.

Oh, and Amy only sucked less because she was on less pages. Science!

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