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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #6

Oh boy, another crazy person in Gotham... wait, it's a good guy this time. Now I feel bad.

The Spoilers:

So Gotham Girl is totally depressed and out of her mind following the mind-fuckery of Psycho Pirate which lead to her family being killed... one whom, she killed herself. You can totally tell because she did the "I'm crazy now, got to shave my head I guess" thing... which I'm not a fan of. 

Anyways, Gotham Girl spends the week crime fighting while talking to herself. Batman, Aflred and Duke are all concerned, especially considering they now know using her powers is literally killing her. Batman isn't able to get to her until later in the week when he takes his mask off and tells Claire that he too talked to his mother, as she laid dead in front of him, long after, and still to this day. Claire finally breaks down and admits she doesn't feel good and misses her brother. All Bruce can do is embrace her and say "I know."

Bruce wants to fix Claire. The only person he knows who can help is Amanda Waller, who has a beat on Strange and Psycho Pirate, and who they're working for: Bane. Strange caused trouble in Gotham to gain control over Psycho Pirate in exchange for a large supply of venom (hello, upcoming crossover). Now Psycho Pirate is in Santa Prisca, and Batman's getting his own Waller inspired team together to get him (hello, next arc).

The Opinion: 

I have a thing about faces in comics. If they look bad, it totally ruins it for me. Next to that, hair cuts are right up there. I don't fucking know why, but I fixate on hair sometimes (see: my one and only complaint about Detective Comics). So Gotham Girl's haircut? Hate it. First of all, total cliche. Second of all, it just visually doesn't look great to me. "But she's going through such a rough time, have some sympathy" or whatever, yeah, she's also a fictional character in a visual medium, so there... still think it looks bad.

ANYWAYS. Now that my weekly hair discussion out of the way, solid emotional issue. I like how Tom King pulled the "I know" repetition out in two different ways. Little clever bits like that really remind me of Omega Men or Sheriff of Babylon, so I'm always happy to get those glimpses in to King's Gotham Work. Ivan Reis is Ivan Reis, aka real good. Great to see him draw Batman, but that said, some of the inkers on this issue do him favors, some don't and that leads to a stubby looking Batman on some pages. That said, at the end of the day, Ivan Reis is still fucking Ivan Reis, so the issue was quite the looker, paired with Marcelo Maiolo's vidid color work. 


  1. I wonder are they ever gonna follow up on the villain from the shadows. This story seems like it's all over the place.

    1. Really? I'm gonna have to go back reread this arc I must have miss stuff.

  2. CAPTAIN STINGAREE, EM-EFFERS! My favorite deep cut Batman baddie.

    1. "I've got your sub. Again." - Colonel Blimp. Also: Kite-Man yelling his name while he commits crimes. LOVED the deep cuts in this one.

  3. rough year for haircuts in Gotham