SPOILERS: Detective Comics #976

Just making way for the Outsiders given recent news.

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SPOILERS: Batman: White Knight #6

At the end of the day, this is just a super weird love story.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #975

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #937

Show of hands, who has seen the Nolan Batman movies? Everyone. Well good, there's a thing in this.

The Spoilers: 

Batman has a false tooth with enough gas in it to blanket a large room, because fucking Batman, that's why. So he gets free from his captors, starts snooping around the Colony base, where all his tech is being analyzed by that kid, Uylseisesdf whatever, can't spell, not going to look it up, remember the old Robin series? General. I think he became Anarky at some point? Anyways, that kid is back, super tech genius, gives the rundown of what the Colony is, and their lethal methods. They eventually show up, so does Jacob, who openly speaks to Bruce (while scrambling the coms in his soldiers headsets). Jacob is pissed about Bruce pulling Kate to his side, as she'll surely die in the upcoming war with the League of Shadows, who Bruce believes is just a myth that the League of Assassins uses to scare their members. Jacob is all "nope, real, and they bad." What's also bad? Kate, Red Robin and the rest of the crew covertly made their way inside and had been hiding behind Clayface, time for a fight!

The Opinion: 

Honestly, Detective remains just fantastic. It remains one of the best Rebirth titles. Even though the Jacob Kane twist was predictable, it remains compelling and now the League of Shadows stuff has piqued my interest. That said, Bruce is 0 for 2 with secret shadowy organizations he's heard of but believes don't exist. Very un Batman of him. All these characters interacting with each other a spot on... this book is just a love letter to all things Batman, really. Couldn't be happier with it so far.


  1. Wait, I thought the League of Shadows was the same as the League of Assassins?

    1. It was considered that way before this issue, now it isn't.

    2. League of Assassins = comics
      League of Shadows = movies

      Same organization, different name depending on the medium. That's how it was previously.

  2. There's been so much buildup to seeing the team kick some ass together that I'll be pissed if they get immediately stomped. I want to see a brawl where everyone gets to bust heads for at least half the issue.

  3. James Tynion is carrying the bat books on his mighty, underestimated shoulders.

    That said, did you guys hear the rumors about Tim Drake's death? Can you imagine after not being portrayed well for what seems like decades, he's finally done some fantastic justice only to be killed off after a couple arcs? Man, what a ball ache.

    1. I've heard about it, and I think it could occur in this very arc. But if it's true, I trust Tynion with it.
      It's been all but confirmed that Lady Shiva is going to be in the third arc, and that means Lazarus Pits, potentially. Tim's death, if true, could end up playing a bigger part in the overarching story of Rebirth, especially the whole "getting memories back" thing. If he gets resurrected, it could be that he gets some pre-Flashpoint memories back. The current Lady Shiva is an absolute joke compared to her previous version, so maybe they could be about what she used to be like.

    2. Hm, I find Batman to still be a stronger book. It's on par with Nightwing, which has been pretty good as well. Batgirl had a good start, too, and so did Birds of Prey (despite the.... art). All of the Mark Doyle books have been good to great.

  4. Tim will Not die. Tynion says he loves Tim. Why would be kill him