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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #935

WOOOO! Bi-Weekly comics! WOOOOOOOO! Please don't burn me out! woooooooo...

The Spoilers:

The team has got a new HQ in the middle of Gotham, the Belfry, designed my Tim, equipped with a Clayface enhanced danger room, where Batwoman is pushing the team to the limit. After a stressful training session, everyone goes their separate ways. Tim speaks with Bruce, gets support, but is unable to tell Bruce that'd he had been accepted in some crazy college program ($10 says Bruce already knows), they then go check on JPV who is under the care of Dr. Thompkins, and he gives them "the Colony." Steph later talks with Tim about him not being able to tell Bruce, oh yeah, they totally dating too... Cass is living with Steph because that's a thing too now, despite Cass having her own place. 

Elsewhere Batwoman meets with her father, who thinks her teaming up with Bruce is a mistake, and he goes into the whole tumultuous  history between the Kanes and the Waynes, making it clear he doesn't think highly of Bruce. Speaking of Bruce, he's out doing his own thing when he's ambushed by 50 members of the Colony who have orders to take him in, but because Batman is Batman, he isn't going down without a fight.

The Opinion:

A couple weeks ago I saw a theory floating around that Kate's dad is running the Colony. I thought "why?" But then this issue happens and he goes into not like Bruce/Batman hard, just as hard as he suggests Kate returns and fights the war with him. So I've moved onto a "yeah, probably" in my opinion on that theory.

On to the actual issue itself, this book feels old. I mean that in the best way possible. This feels like the older Batman comics that got me into comics to begin with. Big cast of characters, just interacting with each other because that's the fucking natural thing to do. Speaking on Rebirth as a whole, it'll be successful when Green Arrow can just walk into Batman #14 or some shit because he can, because these are characters that inhabit the same universe and are familiar with each other. The New 52 kept so much shit segregated from one another, and that's including within larger franchises. You may have seen this on my twitter earlier today, but the biggest thing I took notice of in this issue is that Bruce and Tim spoke to each other. They had a full conversation. Go back to the New 52, and ignoring the three or so various times we got the same stupid Lobdell origin for Tim, how many times can you remember Tim and Bruce genuinely speaking to each other? Not because they weren't on speaking terms, but because The New 52 was so fucking restrictive, they barely ever crossed paths outside of crossovers. I just looked through Death of the Family, you know the story that's supposed to be real big on... the family, and Tim literally has a single digit word count. So in this issue, when I say that I believe Tim and Bruce spoke to each other more than they did in the entirety of regular New 52 issues, I'm not trying to exaggerate, I think I'm right, or at least damn close. Here we got Tim and Bruce speaking to each other, a bunch of beloved characters working in a team, Tim and Steph are dating, Cass is just hanging around Steph just because, it feels old... but it feels right

So far so good.


  1. That's what i said; it makes sense!
    But yeah, this book is great in general. The fact Tim isn't some arrogant teen titan and instead an actual robin in Gotham is perfect. Can't wait to see where Clayface goes, too. Like how Tynion writes him.

  2. James Tynion IV is killing it on Detective Comics. Tom King better step his game up. Lol I didn't think Tec would be better then Batman when rebirth started.

    1. There's been literally one issue of Batman, which was primarily an action scene. Hardly anything to go on.

    2. Tec's been alright and has some nice character interactions, but comparing it to King's Batman? It's not even close. The plot has yet to go anywhere. Both Batman issues on the other hand, have been packed, with no wasted pages. The Rebirth issue was a nice metacommentary on comic change, and Batman #1 was a tightly paced action sequence that delivered a theme without being blunt about it (something that the current Green Arrow could learn a few lessons on).

  3. I have only the most minor issues with this book so far. It's off to such a good start in so many ways.

  4. You said that you don't remember Bruce and Tim having long conversations with each other since the New 52, but what about Requiem for Robin storyline in Batman and Robin. When Batman was going through the five stages of grief, each stage representing a different bat character. Wasn't Tim Batman's Denial (or Bargaining, I don't remember).

    1. The Bargain was with Barbara Gordon.

      Lobdell went out of his way to make Tim too good for Batman. And the steaming pile of failure that his Titans and Outlaws became seethe best evidence that the 90s are finally dead.

    2. Tim was still part of that arc. I believe it was Denial, where he finds out that Batman has been experimenting on Frankenstein.

  5. Tynion knows what he's doing when it comes to Batman characters. So, Tec is now called "Batman: Detective Comics?" So...BDC? LOL! Forgive me, I stopped reading DC since Forever Evil...so I'm behind. Though I do love the ensemble cast just hope the book's suspenseful and tries new things with the characters while maintaining the status quo that all comics retain.

    1. It's just Detective Comics, it has always had the character's name on the cover, same with Batwoman.

  6. Glad to hear Tim and Steph are dating again! Started reading Robin as a child (like, my dad definitely bought me Robin #1 from 1993 when I was 5), and Stephanie came in not too long after that. Because of that, to use lame shipping terms, Tim and Steph are my OTP.