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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gotham Spoilers and Rebirth

So let's talk about Rebirth and my coverage of it... or lack there of. Okay, that's a little extreme, but that said, the short end of it is: running this site is hardly is any fun for me anymore.

I started this site when I didn't have anything to do, but however many years later, my Wednesdays now consist of me coming home and having to plough through any comic I have to cover for the site, figure out something to say about them, and write it up ASAP so I can have time to myself to eat, watch tv, play a game, whatever. It's an awful way to read comics.

With Rebirth around the corner and double shipping being the name of the game, I can already see the fatigue setting in, so I'm looking for ways to continue maintaining this site but scaling back so it doesn't feel as much like a rewardless job. My number one idea to cut back is to basically handle weekly posts on Wednesday a lot like I do Stack Rundown, where I just write about my thoughts (not caring about spoilers, obviously) instead of trying to write down a detailed description of what happens. But for the sake of organization, that might be a little messy, so I could just stick to individual posts, but with less detail. We'll see how it works.

Overall, I still want to continue running Gotham Spoilers, but the fact is, I'm just tired. Feeling pressured to read books sucks. This feels like a job, not a hobby, and I already have a job... one that I'm paid to do. So the coming months might be a little weird in terms of the site. Just giving a heads up. If I decide to do anything major, I'll clearly post about it here.


  1. You don't HAVE to have the reviews up ASAP. I know I wouldn't be bothered if they were a day or two late so you could read your books at your leisure and not have it feel like work.

  2. Honestly I usually skip over the recaps and just read your take on the issue and any exciting news/speculation. So I'd be happy with this blog becoming more an opinion site if that cuts down on the tedium on your part.

  3. I don't really ever say much on this site but I check back here practically every day to see your updates, so I just wanted you to know your work and coverage is appreciated.
    That said, I can't blame you for being tired of it whatsoever. If you think you need to change your format or take a break, I'd totally get it, and I think other people on here would too.

  4. I appreciate all the content you produce, but I totally understand why it feels like "work" -- because it IS a lot of work to write a plot summary and a review for basically every Bat-book, every week.

    My two cents for the sake of your sanity: I echo above in saying if you don't post day-of, it makes the site no less helpful or relevant to me. (If I missed a book one Wednesday and you convince me to read it in one of your reviews, I'm not picking it up until the next Wednesday anyway.)

    As to format, I don't care at all. If the plot and your opinions are just mashed together, stream of consciousness, whatever, it still has value.

    If you do a lone weekly post with all that week's books together, that's just fine too.

    Shorter FHIZ reviews and/or fewer posts are better than none at all.

  5. Just pick a couple of titles and review storylines instead of individual issues, maybe one-and-dones now and then. Lighten the load. Whatever you're comfortable with.

  6. Agree pretty much with everyone else's thoughts on lightening your load. We would all understand. With job, wife, and kids, I have unfortunely had to drop buying actual comics all together. Thanks to you and your website, I've been able to keep up with the happenings of some of my favorite characters like Nightwing/Grayson.

    Suggestion if I may...use the "Rebirth" period to find others who are willing to assist you with your website. Post "Rebirth" comic titles that you would want as part of this site, set a word limit, and ask for people to submit their own review/spoiler. Could be by email or by comments. After a few months, contact a couple of the people whose items you liked. Ask if they'd be willing to submit to you weekly updates on a couple of Bat related books for the site, then you post those submissions to the site. Add any thoughts and articles as you see fit. Your site, your rules.

  7. have you considered having others help with reviews? so you just have to edit and post them

  8. Don't bother reading comics you don't want to.

  9. If it matters, I'd be happy with a monthly look-in or something even more delayed (e.g. every three issues if that lines up w/the artist rotation). The recaps are less important to me than the quick thoughts.

  10. I say go the opposite way, GO ALL IN. FULL spoiler posts on EVERY book you read, Panels of the week, Solicitation thoughts on EVERY book, another post EVERY WEEK outlining the over all story going through every book you read, And fuck it, start doing posts about older books from the golden and silver age, a detailed analysis of every Spawn issue, spoiler posts about the lasting impact of the swamp thing tv series, And a daily post about your comic mis-adventures.

  11. Read them as you feel and when you can, there is truly no need for this to feel like a chore. It will turn into something you want to do less and less.

  12. Dude, thnx for all the good work here and good luck in any future endeavors.
    Followed up the whole new 52 thing with your coverage, so pls don't give up on writing and blogging, just start smth fresh and cool/payable/notsomuchbothering or whatever - you'll be good at it, no doubt.

  13. When it stops being fun then it's time to scale back

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