SPOILERS: Detective Comics #953

And the mother of year award goes to... literally anyone but Lady Shiva

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Lots of style, just need a little more easily discernible substance for my tastes.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #27

Get it... because Redtool rhymes with Deadpool?

The Spoilers:

So Redtool is confused. He hates Harley, but he loves her, so he's attacking her with intent to kill while planning their first date. Conflicted is a word to use. Lots of casualties due to their fight, Tool ends up gassing the place, tattooing a bunch of people with "THIEF" or whatever on their forehead, cus he's a crime fighter too I guess? Then kidnaps Harley.

Harley wakes up an they talk about the situation some... yeeeeah. Until Harley kicks him out of the Ferris wheel they're in and she goes home, where her teammates point out she's got a tattoo on her but of a phone number and red tool. Turns out Tool wants to meet her tomorrow and gives her an address. 

Some after a heavy dose of beaver innuendo, Harley heads out and finds herself at a church for her surprise wedding! Woo.


The Opinion:

It's another Harley Quinn issue. You know the score. I'm at the point where it's still an enjoyable book to me, but I want this book to do something crazy, subvert expectations for once... It's just so one note, and has been for quite some time now. Then you got scenes in this issue like the ferris wheel one, where you got two characters talking about nothing in particular, then after a good chunk of pages it ends, you go to do a write up and start questioning what that scene, which took up a good amount of space in the issue, actually accomplished... little to nothing.

So yeah. It's Harley, it's fun, but still one note.

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