SPOILERS: Dark Nights: Metal #3

SPOILERS: It goes bad for all involved, again.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #966

Tim is back, also, Tim is back too!

SPOILERS: Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #15

This book always seems to do things that I liked but is weighed down by a bunch of little dumb things.

SPOILERS: Red Hood and the Outlaws #15

Heroes fighting heroes for no reason... everyone's favorite!

SPOILERS: Batman #32

God, I really want to see what the Batman Wedding Special #1 would be like.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin Eternal #24

So we're in the very incremental progression part of a weekly series right before something big, in this case, the ending happens. It's gonna be a short write up!

The Spoilers:

Things are going bad, and it gets worse when Mother sends her army of Orphans out to each Bat ally. So Midnighter decides to watch Scarecrow and have Spoiler act as the one unit of back up in a literal global conflict. 

Everyone is all "We're dying out here" and Dick is all "hold on, lol." Then Azrael shows up and is all "I want to kill Mother" so Dick is just like "but justice, lol." And they fight.

Speaking of Mother, she's trying to turn Harper to the dark side, promising an extraordinary life, all she has to do is kill Cassandra in an act of loyalty.


The Opinion:

This is the part where I get real tired of weekly stories, where a conflict gets lengthened and spread across multiple issues. This is just one of those issues where I can describe it easily within one sentence, using very little effort (Things go poorly for everyone as Mother tells Harper to kill Cassandra), and I just never have much to say because there isn't much to talk about. Luckily for B&R Eternal's sake, this isn't a situation like Batman Eternal where I checked out on the story about half way through because I had figured it all out and was just tired of dicking around for half a year, and I've actually enjoyed this story more, thus don't feel as annoyed this time around.

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