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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SPOILERS: Batman #49

For Batman to live, Bruce Wayne must die.

The Spoilers:

Alright, look. There's a lot of emotional content in this issue, most of which would be totally undersold to you by reading my description of it. This is one of those rare few issues where I basically say "I can't do this issue justice, just go read it." Nevertheless, here is a very, very bare summary.

So, Batman being Batman, there was a failsafe in that machine he had built which attempted to create clones of himself, and implant his mind into a new Batman. Bruce demands that Alfred start the sequence at the risk of his very life. Despite a lot, and I mean a lot of protest, Alfred eventually agrees.

It doesn't work though. Every time Bruce's brain gets to near braindeath status, it's pulled back and nothing sticks. But, Bruce has a revelation. In order for Batman to stick, it must be implanted on a blank brain, essentially a dead one. Because Batman never killed, he would never go as far as needed in his tests, because it would essentially mean killing the potential cloned host. So, he tells Alfred that they need to keep going up until the point where Bruce's brain is straight up killed. That's Alfred's line he won't cross. Bruce is basically asking him to become Joe Chill, and kill the Bruce Wayne that Alfred had always dreamed of. So with Alfred refusing to do so, that leaves one person left to do it... Julie, who appears in the cave, revealing that she had always known.

Julie tells Bruce how bad it has gotten and despite finding out that if she does this, Bruce will not remember any of the time they spent together, she knows it has to be done. The couple says their goodbyes, Julie hits the switch, and Bruce Wayne dies.

After the process is over, Bruce remains in the machine. Alfred tries to inform him that he's been gone a very long time and what the situation is. Bruce simply tells him to stop and hold it for the car. 


The Opinion:

Like I said, it was one of those issues. Emotional stakes are super high and Julie being the one to actually flip the switch was just straight up sad. But it had to happen, I guess. While it would have been cool to see Capullo and company illustrate such a big issue, Paquette and Fairbrairn are no slouches and man this issue got me in the mood for Wonder Woman Earth One, just saying. 

So yeah... phenomenal issue all around.


  1. Plus Julie is Joe Chill's daughter!!

    Do you think that the other parts were alternate earths, copies inside Bruce's head, or what?

    1. Julie is not Joe Chill's daughter. She the daughter of the man who sold Joe Chill the gun.

    2. I wasn't really clear on that, myself.

  2. Just curious, where did you get that from? The way I read it, Julie was saying her dad was Joe Chill

    1. It was a couple of issues ago, when Bruce proposed to Julie. She talks about her dad, who was a gun runner, and Bruce says he knows that her dad may have sold the gun that killed his parents

    2. Shit completely forgot about that

  3. Poor Bruce. Having to throw away his different life. But I wonder about this thing about "a Batman without the trauma. Something greater than he ever was before". Will he go back to being exactly as he was before or slightly different?

  4. Bruce's beard spontaneously exploding off of his face was hilarious on my second reading.

    It hasn't been specified how far back the Batman personality goes, has it? I would assume Bruce updated it right before he went to face Joker at the end of Endgame, but the one off issue where the machine was introduced said something along the lines of the implanted Batman personality being from right at the end of his initial training

    1. #49 says it was updated right before his last fight with the Joker in Endgame. Which is kind of a weird thing to be doing in the middle of a city-wide crisis, but perhaps no weirder than making memory backups to implant into clones of oneself in the first place. :)