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Friday, January 22, 2016

So DC is (Probably) Relaunching All Their Books

Bleeding Cool ran a story that DC was relaunching all their series, and now Jim Lee and Dan Didio both tweeted this. So yeah, expect a relaunch in June with new #1s. May is the the month where the remaining original New 52 titles reach issue #52, so June would make sense.

There's this thing I've heard (and been teasing a bit lately because I'm getting fucking anxious sitting on it for three or four months) that would fit in line with it. It's cool.

Also, before everyone freaks out, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is going to be a big marketing thing rather than a continuity reboot. Think Marvel's "reboots" of the recent years.


  1. Maybe that will actually save their sales

    1. Contrary to what many people believe or claim, new #1 issues do tend to yield a significant sales spike, at least in the beginning. The recent trend, at least with Marvel's basically annual reboots, seems to have shown that readers haven't tired of new #1s and will pick up new books and check them out for at least a few months. Whether that trend ultimately wanes because readers get fatigued, we'll see.

  2. I also heard Scot Snyder is leaving batman for detective comics so that would be the perfect time to make the switch

  3. C'mon say to us what the big thing will be

  4. I'm in agreement that a "soft reboot" or maybe "reset" (non-continuity/universe altering) is most likely. I also see DC following the Marvel model of annual or bi-annual new #1s. Maybe a few little pieces of continuity get fudged, but go mostly unexplained. "What? It's always been this way..." I also wouldn't be surprised if you see a few of the DC cinematic and TV elements bleeding into the comics eventually, again, sort of like has happened at Marvel (and as we've already seen with Green Arrow).

  5. Man... Marvel has had so many "reboots" in the past few years. Theres something wrong when Dan Slott has written 4 new Spider-man #1's in five years.

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  7. To take 3 months out to plan a series seems excessive if it's only a renumbering gimmick and certainly doesn't fall in line to elevating characters,

    how does the Marvel model work as I don't follow any of their series?

  8. If there is going to be a reboot, hopefully Batwoman will come back and we will see some of the Bat-ladies shine more in their own books.

  9. I feel like theyre doing a soft-retcon (if that's even a thing haha) since it seems to work fine with Titans Hunt. Tynion was here doing a signing last month and talked a little about DC doing that bimonthly crap and didnt want Scott to feel pressured so they let him go to Tec.