Stack Rundown, 02/26/2017

Save us Justice League of America, you're our only hope... for the third time you've been introduced next to Justice League.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #951

Didn't take long for the League of Shadows to just start wrecking shit.

SPOILERS: Batgirl #8

I do not think that this is a very good book at all.

SPOILERS: Stack Rundown, 02/19/2017

Super Sons #1 is a pretty good book that you should buy.

SPOILERS: Batman #17

Bane is taking this whole "Batman ruined your life" thing pretty seriously.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Batman's Getting a New Greg Capullo Designed Look

Ever since we found out Bruce was coming back... which realistically, was the second he was announced to no longer be Batman, but whatever, I had been wondering if he'd get a new look upon his return. Superman got one, Flash got one, Aquaman got one, Wonder Woman got one (and might be going back to the old, which is great), so why not Bats?

Well, he is... There you have it! Ace reporting here to start off the new year.

(Source: Greg Capullo's Twitter)

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  1. I assume you're referring to the black leggings and armor thing Wonder Woman has going on as her "makeover look" and not the Greek/Roman warrior look she has going on in Justice League as drawn by Jason Fabok. I think that's a pretty bad ass design that doesn't deviate too aesthetically from the original one piece bathing suit, but also gives her a little more legitimacy as a strong female warrior. (I think it's meant to resemble her appearance in Batman v Superman.) I hope that's the look she ends up with in the comics going forward after Darkseid War is finished and DC soft reboots in May/June.

    Oh, and yeah, a Greg Capullo designed Batman should be pretty awesome. Hopefully.