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SPOILERS: Detective Comics #945

The gift of Clayface, TAKE IT IN MAAAAAAAAAAN. (reference!)

SPOILERS: Batgirl #5

I could make a joke about memory and my feelings towards this arc, but that would be rude.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #46

Jim Gordon's first team-up with the Justice League turned out to be a little flat.

The Spoilers:

So, after some detecting around the big skeleton, Jim and the Justice League find a small skeleton, and then are attacked by a creature of a similar nature that uses some liquid found in eyes to nourish itself. Turns out this is a baby and the mother died, having killed its mate for food and then itself for it's child. Captures everyone but Jim and Vic, they go and save it without beanie it to shit, JL bounces, Jim sings it a lullaby as it dies due to the atmosphere or something...


The Opinion: 

So, these two issues turned out to be exactly what I feared: Filler to take up space until Robin War, and presumably the real meat will start after that? There is just absolutely nothing of note here, nothing to take away from reading this, nothing substantial to really build off of, just flat out nothing, and that's super unfortunate. This isn't exactly a great start to Tomasi's time on the book, hopefully it amounts to something more (way more) after the crossover next month.


  1. I loved it, personally. I wasn't looking forward to a Gordon and Justice League team-up, because it pulled Gordon out of his element, but Tomasi made it work. This was basically a Jim Gordon detective story. Gordon applies his experiences as a cop and as a father to solve the case.

  2. Loved how the JL basically brought in Gordon to do a crime scene reconstruction, when they have an actual CSI already on the team.