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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #46

Not only is Bruce an amnesiac finger painter now, he's also coming for the sexy crown, trying to topple Grayson off that book's throne made of perfectly chiseled asses. What the fuck did I just write?

The Spoilers:

Mr. Bloom crashes the party. Talks a lot, but he says words that don't really amount to much, or so it seems. Long story short is he says the Bat no longer means anything in Gotham anymore, and after getting momentarily thrown off his game by the blimps electromagnet which hits the same frequency as his seeds, he makes his escape.

SHOWER SCENE. Blah blah, naked Bruce, Julie's dad has a hearing, he was a gun runner who ended up selling the gun to Joe Chill. Bruce knows, basically asks her to marry him, sexy times are implied.

Geri Powers wants to go after Bloom with a whole army of Bat robots, which she intended to use in different cities, expanding the brand so to speak, but Jim says it's a bad idea, he knows it's a trap, convinces Geri and Maggie to let him go in by himself, if he fails, he dies, if he succeeds, Geri can fire him anyways. Win/win for the Powers Industry?

Duke is doing his own thing, sneaking into the Iceberg Lounge looking for Penguin's info on Bloom. Finds something, but Penguin and some other crime guys find him. Meanwhile one of the kids at the center shows Bruce a picture of Mr. Bloom she drew, Bruce learns of the massacre, looks for that seed for some reason, finds it missing (the one Duke took). Also, things don't look good for Duke, just saying.

Jim goes looking for Bloom, he was right, Bloom was expecting him, says some cryptic shit along the lines of everything is about to change, and some how he takes control of the Bat Robot, cliff hanger!


The Opinion:

Solid issue. I'm just going to say it could possibly hint to some stuff BUT I SAID TOO MUCH. Anyways, again, I like the Julie relationship, but it just seems like things are getting built up so much that they'll just come crashing down in a fiery wreck at some point. Kind of hope not… But man, are they leaning into this Bruce never coming back to the cowl thing, especially with that one panel of what looks to be Alfred destroying that Brain machine or something.

The only problem I'm having with this arc is that we're what… six issues in? And Bloom is still a total mystery. His big speech at the beginning of the issue is just him being a sarcastic asshole, saying he was one of those who wanted to help Gotham like all the people he was killing… But he's just not getting to the point, the "why" is still nowhere to be found and it's slightly frustrating. Everything is just starting to become "oh its going to be one of these real long stories again, isn't it?" sort of deals. I just wish everything got to the point a little bit quicker rather than most likely saving everything for towards the end, which it is starting to feel like.


  1. I've been enjoying this arc, but if we don't actually find out what this Bloom guy is actually up to and his real motivations in the next issue, it'll seem like a waste of time.

  2. Was that supposed to be Black Mask in the dominatrix get up? I had to do a double take when I saw it.

    1. He looked too bulky for Black Mask? At least the other two guys were Ventriloquist and Great White Shark. Idk who the middle dude is?

    2. His mask evokes Dynamiteer, but it could also be... Steeljacket? Tumult? A new design for Lock-Up? That's all I got.

    3. Actually, Capullo says it really is Black Mask:


      Doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering events over in Catwoman...

  3. Penguin survived issue 43? Anyway they seriously need to start fleshing out bloom because now we have batman eternal mystery nonsense minus Jim bats punching him demanding WHO IS HE!!

  4. Pleeaaaseee!!! Nobody saw the tatoo's Owl from Julie??

    1. Addressed in this interview, it's nothing.


  5. Now that I think about it, was the emblem Bloom took off of the suit supposed to be that Batman um from the past issue? Snyder saying this and the past issues have hints as to who Bloom is has me looking for clues left and right

  6. Bloom knows who Gordon is under the mask and has the ability to take control of Batman's tech. That should narrow the suspect pool a good bit.