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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #44

Join Scott Snyder, Brian Azzarello and Jock on a trip to the fertile ground that is post-Zero year, pre-Justice League #1, where anything can happen!

The Spoilers: 

So yeah, post-Zero Year, Gotham is still shitty, and surprise surprise, there's a dead body that looks to have been shot and dropped off in the middle of a no-man's land field. But Batman's investigation goes deeper to find that the kid didn't die from the bullets, but instead a big fall, which begins a long trail of investigations that range from the Penguin, local gang leaders, and a topical cop who shot an unarmed black kid. 

To be honest, before getting to the opinion part, this is a real good issue that does a lot of things from speaking about current events to showing Batman early in his career figuring out how to interact and go about his Batman business, along with how he (and Bruce Wayne) are viewed by the public. All of this stuff is really good, but me sitting here and explaining it would do it no justice, so... just go read the issue.

But what about Mr. Bloom? Okay, well, the story is that the kid was trying to save his family business, and when a deal with the Penguin landed the business in the hands of the gang he was trying to save it from, the kid got desperate and turned to a rumored figure, a man in an alley who could supposedly help him. The man was Mr. Bloom, who gave the kid a toxin to fight back, but it ended up being a derivative of Man-Bat serum which gave the kid wings, which eventually gave out, causing him to fall. And thus was the first appearance of Mr. Bloom.


The Opinion:

Again, this was a really fantastic issue that does a lot of stuff that you just have to read. Trust me. It's a pretty unique issue as well, and I'm willing to bet it is due to Brian Azzarello's input. The issue being narrated by Gotham itself? That's the most Brian Azzarello Batman sounding shit I've heard in a long time, and it was pretty great. Oh, then there's Jock. Fucking Jock. I need to go back and read some Black Mirror, because man did I miss Jock drawing Batman. His style is so dark and dingy, it fits a raw Batman story such as this like a glove. This issue was pretty special, and has been getting a lot of praise from critics, so let me just be the next one to say you should probably buy into the hype.


  1. Awesome issue! The art was fantastic!

    This is how Detective Comics should be, grounded gritty detective work since Batman is the epic.

  2. I've been an Azarello fan for a while. Broken City doesn't get enough attention.

    1. No it does not, definitely want to go back to it now.

  3. Absolutely loved this issue. Jock's art looks so amazing when it's colored well i.e. Without all that distracting clutter they use on Wytches. The b&w/ grayscale stuff here was particularly effective.

  4. Do you think there was a reason they obscured the leader of the Four Fives's face so much?? Or did we actually see his whole body and I just missed it?

  5. Just as an FYI, Snyder said in an interview that Gotham narrating was his idea, and he originally was thinking about making those the only words in the issue, but that it was Azzarello who suggested there be dialogue as well.

  6. I was very disappointed with this issue. The preview on DCComics.com listed this issue as a Mr. Bloom origin story. Tho all I learned from this issue is that Mr. Bloom give bad drugs to teens to get stronger. This issue felt like a filler story. I'm also frustrated that the cover price printed on this issue was 4.99 (what I had to pay), but DCComics.com listing price is 3.99. Wondering how DC Comics is going to compensate their subscribers for the over charge.

    1. You weren't overcharged, you got more story pages.

  7. My question then is why does dccomics list price 3.99 and price on cover 4.99. Was it a typo on the website or the comic? All the other comics I buy or have bought from DC Comics are equal to list price.

    1. Because someone forgot to update the website, big deal.