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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman #43

I'm just going to get out ahead of what I'm sure is going to piss off some less patient fans and say "let's just wait and see, and take note what what Superman says, okay?"

The Spoilers:

So, as we've all no doubt read in the preview by now, Gordon wants Bruce Wayne's help with Batman, seeing that Wayne Industries developed the suite before Powers acquired them, but Bruce is a different person now, quite literally, and not even Superman, who is accompanies by Alfred, can believe it.

Alfred goes on to explain what happened to Bruce, who indeed did die that night where the cave collapsed on him and the Joker, but like the Joker, Bruce was healed by that substance, and his brain was essentially rebuilt… Only without all the darkness that came with Batman. So essentially, Batman died and Bruce Wayne was born… You know what, go read one of the interviews from last week a whole bunch of sites who read the issue early straight up spoiled this themselves without warning. (Bitter). ANYWAYS. Alfred had to try and remind Bruce of everything that had happened, and stopped just short of reminding him who he was as Batman. Bruce had a hard time dealing with all the darkness, but came back wanting to still help Gotham in a way that would honor his parents. So he'd reconnect with Julie Madison, help at the community center, and here we are.

Superman remains unconvinced. Batman always had a plan, to which Alfred confirms he did, and shows Superman Bruce's last invention as Batman… The cloning machine we learned about in Snyder and Murphy's Detective Comics 27 story. Unfortunately, as Alfred explains it, with all his genius, Bruce was never able to complete it. Still, Superman can't accept this, and wonders if they should just tell Bruce about Batman. Alfred points out that even if Bruce was to accept it and take up the cowl, he's now without his years of training and experience, and him putting on the cowl would be a death sentence. So for now, Batman remains dead.

Speaking of Batman, Gordon is investigating the Devil Pig's hideout for signs of Mr. Bloom, but turns out that's an ambush, and despite a valiant fight, he ends up in an incinerator, seconds away from getting burned to nothing but ash.

Elsewhere, Bruce wakes up in his office at the community center, after having looked over Duke Thomas' file for some reason, before Julie has him come home with her. Following that, Duke sneaks into the office and begins to look through some files, finding one of Mr. Bloom's seeds.

Speaking of Mr. Bloom, he meets with Penguin, who isn't about to let some new guy walk into Gotham, and long story short, has Mr. Bloom shot in the fucking face… But then Mr. Bloom impales.  everyone including Penguin, and comes back even more monstrous looking.


The Opinion:

This is definitely a Bruce issue, more than a Gordon issue, who honestly barely was in this one at all. I don't know what to think, honestly. I mean, say whatever you want, but we all know that eventually Bruce Wayne will be back under the cowl, it's just a question of how at this point… or maybe when. So while I had the same "WTF" sort of reaction I did when we learned Gordon was going to be Batman, I know it'll all eventually come around to be a pretty good story, so I'm not going to even bother thinking about it too much and will let whatever is going to come happen on its own terms.

That said, one random element I really like is the introduction of Julie Madison. I really like the idea of Bruce having a love interest that is in no way attached to his being Batman. I kind of would like to see how that would work out if he does take up the cowl again, as long as it's not the typical "I CAN'T LOVE YOU AND BE BATMAN" bullshit or whatever. If that'd be the case, then never mind, seen it.

Duke snooping around is pretty intriguing as well.

Overall, real good issue which was pretty much 90% Bruce, barely any Gordon. Real interested to see what comes of this in the coming months.


  1. I keep getting this weird feeling that Mr. Bloom is the Joker, also having come back with a different brain chemistry. I don't REALLY think it is, and I honestly think I'll be disappointed if I'm right, but something keeps nagging me.

    It's probably because they keep using the imagery of Mr. Bloom being like a weed and growing in the cracks of this city, and I just imagine that as a good description of the Joker - except Batman was always there to pull the weed out when he came back. Maybe they are just using that analogy to make it seem like Mr. Bloom is Gordon's version of Joker, his arch nemesis.

    But what better way to actually make the Joker go away for awhile then to have him be a completely different villain? I don't know...crazy theory that I hope isn't true. I want Boom to be original.

  2. Yeah, I don't know why anyone would be too upset by this, because this issue already gave an out as to how Bruce can become Batman again. Even if he hasn't actually figured out how to make clones yet, he can still use that machine to implant all his Batman memories into his own brain, I'm sure that'll be the tragic choice he has to make to save Gotham at some point in this story or an upcoming one(I guess it really depends on how quickly they want to bring the status quo back).

  3. I loved the sharks bit.

    Could Mr Bloom be Doctor Death? They both have spindly finger thing going on, the mad scientist factor checks out and both seem to have some regenerative thing happening. His physiology could have changed in the years since zero year.

    1. I'm thinking it's his supposedly dead son resurrected or something

  4. I hope they continue to use those plot elements from Detective Comics #27's "Twenty-Seven" story. It's honestly one of my favorite Batman stories so it's sweet to see Snyder flush it out more in the actual Batman title. Hopefully he continues to do so.

    I was also thinking there are a lot of parallels between this Mr. Bloom and the Joker. They're skinnier both skinnier than hell. Joker has also been known to dress in all black, cover his face, and pretend to be someone completely different (Morrison's Oberon Sexton/Gravedigger). And if Bruce didn't die in the pit... surely the Joker didn't either. I'm not saying Mr. Bloom is the Joker (or a mind-wiped and rebooted Joker), I'm just saying there's a lot of parallels.

  5. Isn't the clone machine also mentioned in the Batman: Futures End issue? I know it's not necessarily cannon, but hey, Snyder likes to tease things right?

    1. I don't recall about Futures End, but it was the major plot device for Scott Snyder's story in Detective Comics #27.

    2. I think it is the same machine from futures end and 'tec #27

  6. I bet they use the cloning thing, but I worried as I was reading the issue that they would fridge Julie and that would be how Bruce gets his darkness back. Which would be so dumb.

  7. Agreed the cloning machine is either the device through which Bruce/ Batman will be restored, or a really blatant red herring. Q: was the conversation between Bruce & Alfred taking place in Wayne Manor? That looked like the grandfather clock entrance to the cave, but I was under the impression the Manor was still co-opted by Arkham.

    Also add my vote to those hoping Bloom is a new character. Gordon already seems to have some inkling of who he is and it'd really be nice for the Joker to stay off the board for awhile.

    1. In response to the manor: SHHHHHHHHHH

    2. Maybe they repaired it already? There has been a three month gap since endgame.

  8. Bloom is obviously Dr Death's son. Just compare them side by side:


    Bloom is obviously Dr Death's son. Just compare them side by side:

    1. Isn't Death's whole thing that his son is dead, though?

    2. Yup, but maybe he resurrected or something or faked his death.