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Friday, August 28, 2015

Batman and Robin Eternal #1 Art Preview

Tony Daniel did a round of website interviews in promotion for Batman and Robin Eternal #1, which is a little over a month out, and with them came a whole bunch of art. While I'm not a big fan of Tony Daniel the writer, I've always loved his art, so I'll be happy to see him in Gotham again.

(Source: Comicosity)


  1. Please tell me Bruce doesn't come back in the first issue

    1. With Batgordon there I think that Bruce Wayne will stay that way and only come out as Batman in flashbacks...

      Dick in Gotham..Dick should be again Batman. and help the memory of Bruce..

      Duke is the boy with Gordon? What happen? Damian the true Robin still in Gotham.. Spoiler and Bluebird, good they will have some role...but no Batgirl in the tittle page,

  2. Its Bruce from when Dick was Robin.

    1. It's hard to tell. You're probably right, it's hard to tell which Robin that is. He looks really young, so I assumed he was Damian.

    2. It's a buy easier to tell in the color pictures, but it's Dick. There's a picture of Damian near the bottom and you can tell that the gauntlets are drawn differently from the Dick/Robin picture on the cover

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  3. Glad to see Tony Daniel will be doing art for a Batman book again. I've liked the guys work since the first time I saw him - taking over for Mike McKone on Geoff Johns Teen Titans run - but I wasn't wild about his stint as a writer/artist at all.