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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Coming in June: Detective Comics

I haven't been too hot on this current run of Detective Comics for a few key reasons, and with the Batman status quo change, I was a bit concerned about how this book was going to differentiate itself and stand out (one of its problems) when both it and Batman would be telling stories about the GCPD and the new Batman. Well, I know that I should be cautiously optimistic, but there's a glimmer of hope within these 8 pages.

The Story:

Harvey Bullock is one of the few (I believe) people who knows that Jim is in the new Batsuit, and is obviously a trusted partner of his... Thus why he's asking Jim to trust him on whatever he's telling him at the moment.

CUT TO: Harvey, Renee Montoya (oh, hey!) and Nancy Yip speeding down the streets of Gotham in a van, avoiding what looks to be a giant mech hand coming crashing down on them, causing GorBat to catch their van before facing off against the mech... Apparently Gundam is super big in Gotham now? I don't know.

Harvey and Renee make it out of the van without Yip. Renee goes back, gun drawn, claiming she needs answers, but Harvey stops her telling her it's too late for that, as an explosion is set off in the distance, making Renee question what they just did.

Now back to Harvey and Jim's conversation, turns out that Harvey is asking Jim to basically help get his partner Yip killed, as she could bring down the entire department.


The Opinion:

So one of my biggest complaints about Detective is that it was boring. Other than its fantastic art, no story it told truly stood out, and just felt like generic Batman fare, with some extra Harvey Bullock thrown in. Like I said above the break, with this new direction, I was concerned the same thing would happen with two books focusing on GCPD and Batman. Well, this preview actually gave me a bit of hope, because the story it's telling is kind of completely fucked up, and that's the best possible thing I could say for this book. The story and what Harvey is asking Jim to take part in is one of those just morally messed up, compromising situations that characters get put in and some truly interesting shit can possibly come out of it. What this book needed was an edge, and this could possibly be it. I'll be honest, even though it's fucking Detective Comics, there was a part of me hesitant towards the idea of continuing to read it come June, but now that hesitation has been quelled for the time being, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to the new arc now.


  1. ...I have no clue what the fuck is happening. Did they crash crash into a giant arm? Renee Montoya's suddenly back? They suddenly hate yip? Was that a pigeon crying? All sorts of lost

    1. This wasn't the beginning of the story, those are questions you're SUPPOSED to be asking.

  2. This sneak peak made no damn sense. DC needs a new writer and artist before I pick up this book again.

    1. You weren't supposed to understand everything that's happening immediately. The story clearly came from in the middle of the next arc.

  3. I have a question... are these sneak peak issues use original art, or they simply borrow from the summer's future books?

    1. They are original content that will not be found in the new series/issues in June, exactly like the Batman (and Justice League/Superman) story from the FCBD issue.