SPOILERS: The Flash #22

What if it's not Dr. Manhattan, but really Geoff Johns keeping all the good continuity to himself?

SPOILERS: Batman #23

This issue was worth it for the dry humor alone.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #3

There's a bad thing happening and Batwoman has to stop it. Imagine that?

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #10

"Batman takes a trip to Miami" isn't a sentence you say too often.

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #956

Hey, that last page doesn't say anything about Tim!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Coming in June: Catwoman

Catwoman is acting more like Catwoman (as in, she's putting on the suit) and that's perfectly fine by me!

The Spoilers:

Catwoman goes to a party where all the mob bosses are attending. THE END. No but really... Not a whole lot happens in here, does nothing to really tease anything coming, other than confirming what we already knew, that Selina is now operating as Catwoman again, and the rest of the cast is still here. 


The Thoughts:

Kind of a disappointing use of the 8 pager idea, as all it did was sort of recap whose who. Like the Gotham Academy one, I understand why go for that angle, but these stories were pitched as something more than a glorified recap page. We do get a look at new artist David Messina's take on the book, and it looks more like Brown's work than I expected. Last I saw Messina's work was on The Bounce, but with the aid of Lee Loughridge's coloring style, his art comes off similar to the previous arc, albeit presented in a little more of a clearer image. Anyways, looking forward to seeing where this goes with Selina back in the driver's seat... but drop those two cops, nobody cares about them.

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