SPOILERS: Batman #21

And God has a big blue dong.

SPOILERS: All-Star Batman #9

Ra's should wear a suit more often, that's my biggest take away from this issue.

SPOILERS: Nightwing #19

Hurt continues to prove he's a pretty bad doctor.

SPOILERS: Batwoman #2

Surprise, hero goes to place in their past and everyone wants them dead! Whoops.

Batman Group July 2017 Solicitations

Batman heads to the past, then gets Metal, meanwhile Nightwing fights everyone.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coming in June: Black Canary

Why is Black Canary called the most dangerous band in the world? Maybe it's because their front woman goes all "Danzig, motherfucker!" on everybody, but actually wins?

The Spoilers:

So, hey look at that, Black Canary is in a band called Black Canary, that's not vein or anything, but anyways, they're ten minutes from their set time, but quite a few people have an issue with Dinah out back, which she intends to deal with... by using her fists, and her feet, and her knees, and her super sonic cry. Asses are kicked aplenty, and as she said, Dinah makes it to her set. But there are some new people outside looking for her, a group of shadowy suits who aim to "retrieve" Dinah, and eliminate the others.

The Opinion:

Like a lot of these eight pagers, this one was pretty light on story, but that barely matters given how great everything was. Annie Wu is a fantastic artist, Hawkeye has taught us all that, but Annie Wu drawing Black Canary? Well that's just fucking perfect. Literally. I mean, I can't think of a better choice of artist here, can you? No, no you can't, because how can you best perfection? 

This story really gives you a sense of what's to come in terms of the style and tone of the book, and that's "fun." But there's clearly something else going on in the background with that last page, and as long as it's anything other than reference to all of New 52 Black Canary's past (which is all terrible) than I'm interested in reading more.

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