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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #52

It has been a long road filled with some high points, some low points, and a lot of me swearing in frustration... Nevertheless, we're here at the end... until they announce the second volume of this, whatever it may be called... I bet it comes out in October, because that's when Tomasi has something from the Bat office coming, and I assume he's part of the new writing team... But I digress.

The Spoilers:

Remember when Bruce found the Court of Owls poisoned by Lincoln March? Well turns out someone else was on the tail of the Court, and that someone was Arthur Brown, who made his way to the Harbor House, looking for some financial backing for his plan just as Lincoln was leaving.

Lincoln admired Cluemaster's plan for the idea that it hinged on no one knowing who he was, but he still has it out for Bruce so they've got to fight, and they do, and it's a long one.

Elsewhere, Gordon is getting ready his plan to rally the troops and sends a mass broadcast over Gotham that basically goes "We've always come together under one symbol, time to do it again" and lights up the sky with Bat-signals, calling for all the citizens to help the rescue effort, because kumbaya. Everyone chips in, Selina's even got Killer Croc rescuing cops. When someone saves Steph from getting hit by a car, and tells her it's the least he can do because he assumes she's one of the heroes who fights for the Bat, and they've done so much, she has a change of heart.

So back on the ground with Lincoln and Bruce. Lincoln is all "NOOOOOO" because apparently moral support to Batman is his weakness. Physical support is coming too, including all the usual heroes in the book, along with the ones who probably should have been in it before (or more), like Batwoman, Black Canary, Talon, Katana and Batwing. Also, Steph shows up and one-punches Lincoln... But he slips away into the sewers, WHOOPS.

One week later, and we're wrapping up stuff. Jason Bard resigned, Maggie Sawyer is the new Commissioner and he's offering to tell Vicki Vale his whole story. Selina is still the boss, and is at odds with Batman, duh. Jim Corrigan offers Batwing a spot on the Midnight Shift. Gordon is at home resting with Barbara. Jason contemplates telling Barbara he's got feelings for her, but leaves Gotham instead. Steph is an official roommate with Harper and her Brother, and meets Tim face to face, d'aww. Lincoln March? Well, turns out the Court got to him, and got their payback, freezing him like any other Talon. Then Batman meets Gordon again and they go "Boy that sure sucked, but it's what we signed up for!"


The Opinion:

So look, I've said plenty about this book over the past couple of months, and I could do so some more, but I'll stick to this issue only. I've been toying around with doing a retrospective on this book, highlighting what I liked and what I thought were its fatal mistakes, but we'll see if I get to that or not. As for the issue, Lincoln March's involvement was expected for quite some time, but I liked how it was bookended with Cluemaster coming across that scene from Batman #10 and then with the poetic justice near the end. As for everything in between? It was just Lincoln going "I WANT TO KILL YOU" which maybe highlights that he isn't that great of a character when all the mystique he had is shed. 

Everything else just wrapped up exactly how you'd expect it. There was a fight, Batman and his allies won, the end. It was honestly super paint-by-numbers, and after all the weeks of nothing, and me going "are they going to save the entire confrontation for the end?" that's exactly what they did, and I'm neither angry or happy about it, at this point I just don't really care. Everything you expected would happen, happened. There were no more twists or turns, just a very standard conclusion to a very long, decompressed story that was what it was.


  1. I actually felt kinda bad for Lincoln at the end :/

  2. I have to say, I did like the way this issue highlighted why Batman is important to Gotham. We've heard it a lot over the past ten years, how Batman is a figure of inspiration, but they still did it in a cool way in this. However, I agree they did very little interesting with Lincoln(though I wouldn't say it exposes him as an uninteresting character, he still has potential especially now that he's under the thumb of the Court again), and they really shouldn't have saved the actual primary antagonists of this story until the final few issues. There were so many issues wasted on pointless one-off events that could've gone towards showing a more complete view of Cluemaster and Lincoln as the main villains. If this story had tighter pacing and had done more with the idea of Cluemaster working out a way to almost beat Batman, plus had actually taken this as an opportunity to flesh out Lincoln March, or flesh out Catwoman as the Kingpin of Gotham, Spoiler's development, and Jason Bard's story for that matter, then it could've been really great. But as it stands I think it was pretty disappointing, just as you did, FHIZ. I also really don't know how they could do a "second season" of this, are we just gonna have a new mastermind that enacts a plan that involves most of Batman's villains every year?

    1. When you put it like that maybe eternal should wait a few years if they want to use the same formula for all of them (especially batman running about demanding who is the mastermind(

  3. In the end, Eternal as a project is more successful for the earlier status quo shake-ups in the middle act, and how it launched those out into the Doyle-verse. Still, at least things "happened" this issue that I liked. Mostly the denouements. And Spoiler punching Owlguy in the face because StephiePWNSnoobs.

  4. Two things I like to say. First, Lincoln is a great character, but.. only when he is shown strong and misterious. Here, after the "Batman support"... he is not what he should be. But I'm still very satisfied with the ending. Having back Owlman is indeed a great thing! Artists did a great job: Lincoln looks cool 95% he is on the pages. Second thing: what this issue really lacked. An exposition page, where all the plan is revealed in detail, with cameos of all the villains. Throw back to villains' meeting with Arthur. How the money were spent? Where did they got the magical spiritual book? The nanobots? eBay? Lincoln infiltrated the cave, or was it Arthur?

    1. There wasn't a specific plan involving all the villains. The plan was to let them go nuts and do their own thing, by making Gordon shoot wrong and sending out those invitations, until Batman's softened up enough for Cluemaster to swoop in for the kill. The only thing that doesn't explain is why the whole thing in Arkham happened, because I doubt he could send an invitation to a ghost.

    2. Issues 44-45 confirmed that the invitation was sent to Professor Milo and he arranged the whole Deacon Blackfire summoning thing which I guess had no other purpose than to further fuck shit up

    3. Oh yeah, I forgot the Professor Milo thing had a point beyond treading water.

    4. This man in batcave is call Thomas Elliot, criminal name hush.

      He was an older friend of kid Bruce Wayne, obsessed with it, killed his parents, I even think a secret identity when he learned that Bruce was Batman

      The Bruce Wayne(Hush) and Thomas Wayne Jr(Lincon), two crazy mens obsessed with the Waynes

  5. Just checked Batman #31 - the moment Bruce confronts Nygma - for the signs of Lincoln March. Nope... but there IS a hooded figure, sitting among the crowd. I don't know... Maybe it was invented just for this last Eternal issue, maybe Snyder really invisioned Lincoln being there. For those who didn't get me: Lincoln said he was there, looking at Batman, riding bike to confront Riddler and answer his question.

  6. I assumed this was Lincoln trying to make a point about Bruce casting aside lesser threats, about "the forgotten", but that was more from Cluemaster's perspective. If anything, Lincoln was mocking how Cluemaster wanted to be one of the big named threats when staying more covert is what he sees as preferable. Interesting.

    Even though this series dragged a bit towards the end, and I wish there was a bit more closure with Julia in terms of this plot (though she does stay around for Endgame), I'm glad I spent all these months reading this and believe it was, overall, a good series. Maybe not quite at the level of 52, but good nevertheless.

    1. Still, as a video game, it would be much better:)