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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SPOILERS: Detective Comics: Endgame #1

If you were thinking this was a backdoor pilot for We Are Robin or something, then I'm sorry to say you're probably very mistaken.

The Spoilers: 

Hey, remember Lonnie from the last Detective arc? The kid who was Anarky in prior continuity and just got shot in current continuity? Well he's a star now! Because it's Joker crazy time, and he's not turned, but is out looking for his mom.

So then he gets pulled off the street by some kids, and they're all "you're cool, you have a phone that can hack stuff," but he's all "bye, I need to find my mom." So they go after him, and Lonnie eventually gets saved by Batwoman after he tries to zip line down a building and fails. So Batwoman, Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl and Bluebird are all fighting Joker people, and Lonnie is all "I still need to find my mom" so Red Robin is all "I'll get someone to help you."

Oh look, Spoiler is helping now.... So they go to the building Lonnie's mom is in, but there's all these Jokerized people, oh nooooo! But because Lonnie thought they were zombies at first, he finds some of those old masks and pulls out the whole zombie trope of "let's cover our selves in guts and they'll think we're one of them" and puts some smiles on the masks, allowing them to walk right in the building where Lonnie's mom is. Hooray.


The Opinion:

SOOOOO, unless you're like the one or two big Lonnie super-fans from pre-New 52, or just really like going "ooh look, Stephanie Brown!" then feel free to skip this issue entirely. It just comes off as pointless. Maybe Lonnie is going to play more in to Detective Comics, as are those random kids, who knows... but given my thoughts on how boring that book has been, this does nothing to sway my opinion. I mean, the issue is literally Lonnie just looking for his mom in the chaos, then he finds her... the end. There's no substance, the characters that people care about are just there for the sake of cameos, it's just a waste of time, really.


  1. If Old Batman is missing I think Lonnie might be the protagonist of Detective Comics. He may even be targeted by All-New Batman like Batgirl.

    1. Absolutely zero chance that's happening.

  2. How long until you drop DC?

    After the disappointing conclusion of the Icarus arc I dropped this book

    1. I'm really debating keeping with it past convergence. I'll take a look at the solicits for the next arc, but I'm one foot out of the door.

  3. "If you were thinking this was a backdoor pilot for We Are Robin or something, then I'm sorry to say you're probably very mistaken."
    Why's that? The girl with the cape looks like the same one on the cover for We Are Robin.

    1. Because even if it is the same character, this issue was such a weak offering that We Are Robin would have been better off introducing everything on it's own. No solid characterization, no real motivations, no alluding to future, no nothing. If anything, it does a disservice to We Are Robin by doing a poor job of setting anything up, if it was attempting to do so.

    2. Alright, agreed on that. But it is for sure sort of a introduction to some of these characters that'll be re-introduced in June, albeit a shitty one.

  4. I thought it was pretty cool that Stephanie Brown's first post-Eternal appearance was in this book (I think, unless you know otherwise).