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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #49

Twists?! Turns!? Haha, no... There's none of that here, silly.

The Spoilers:

So, Hush is still playing hacker with everyone's toys and screwing around with them, making it seem like everyone is super dependent on their tech and can't win in a fist fight against Joker's Daughter or something... Cool. But Julia is there to save the day, and finds Red Robin's Batcomputer!

Elsewhere Cluemaster is all "I'm you're father, join the dark side" and Stephanie is all "lolnope," steers the helicopter toward a roof an jumps out.

Julia attempts to take back control of the tech, Hush fights back on the computer, Alfred whispers an override code to free himself and punches Hush in the face and takes control again. Then Batman flies in to fight Bane.


The Opinion:

Let's just remind everyone that this issue issue 49 of 52. For fuck's sake. Get to the point already, holy shit. I mean, we're really doing this, aren't we? We're going at the bare minimum of 15 issues without a central antagonist, where hardly anything that actually happens actually mattering, everyone aimlessly going around in god damn circles, and then go from zero to 60 in just two issues max to wrap it all up? The pacing on this book is down right unforgivable.


  1. Preach. I think everyone has reached a point where they still read just because they are so far into the story. It's sad that it's come to "well fuck it, I've started to I'll finish".

  2. Seriously am suspecting that they want Lincoln to run away after his reveal so that they can set up for year 2 which complete Bull on so many levels . Thank all the gods that we only have 3 left. If the final issue is crap everyone should do themselves a favour and ignore year 2 since it's clear that the writers stopped caring post hush's reveal

  3. Definitely not buying year 2. What a waste of money this has been.

  4. The villain just MUST be in #51. It is out of question. To be honest, DC is fucking up expectations badly... I was unticipating the reveal since #39, and they were teasing, and teasing, and teasing... Sure, finally seeing him will be great, but still the way the handeled this whole matter sucks. By the way, where could Lincoln... ehem... Big Bad be? Beacon tower? Wayne tower Talon hideout? The only good thing is that it seems the villains are buying time for something. Hope it's worth it.

  5. A bit of an overreaction. It's been a great book overall, even if it's understandable to lose patience at the way they're pulling the drag chute toward the end.

    1. It most certainly has not been a great book overall. A majority of the issues have been super padded out nonsense that features no meaningful progression and accomplishes nothing. The fact that we know nothing more about what's actually going on now than we did 15 issues ago is testament to that.

    2. I disagree. It's lagged at times, especially recently, but overall the book's put in a lot of great characterization, action, and intrigue, and has been a great celebration of Batman and his allies. It just needed trimming.

  6. I seems bafflingly obvious to me in hindsight that all the wrap-up would take place in a trio of final issues just because of the series' early emphasis on three-part arcs. And even as things have gotten a bit more homogenous since Hush showed up, a lot of the times we'd still get bursts of three issues by the same writer.

    I suspect these next three issues will be credited as Snyder/Tynion jams and that's the last we've seen of the Seeley scripts until July/August. But on the plus side, decompressed drag-out last few months or not, Snyder can usually pack some compressed story into 60 pages.

  7. Does anyone know what the C and E lenses on Cluemaster's goggles mean?

    1. The band between the lenses has the letters LU on them, so, "Clue"

  8. Folks, this is not hard to figure out. Eternal is a cash-grab, capitalizing on DC's most popular hero/title and writer. It has consistently sold 40,000 plus copies of each issue. Only recently did it dip below 50,000 a month. It has been a top-25 book for a year, FOUR issues each month, instead of one. That's 200,000 books a month. That is huge. Batman + Scott Snyder's name + a vague concept of a lame "mystery" pitched as a yearlong "celebration" of Batman's history dragged out weekly for 52 weeks = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    They're going to reveal Lincoln March in issue 51 or 52, Batman chases him off with a broom, and you get the foreshadowing for Year 2 = more money bitche$! Break out the checkbook, pay grandma for a rubdown!

    1. ^^ I realize all of that sounds pretty cynical, and I admit it is. All I would say is that a lame story/gimmick pitched so disingenuously and poorly executed deserves such a response.